stump down & melt town

Here’s a couple more events to extend last week’s list: This Saturday – April 28th – I’ll be at Portland’s own Stumptown Comics Fest, signing for the CBLDF from 1-2pm. CBLDF suggests a $10 donation, but it’s for a worthy cause. Then, the day after the Skirball event in LA, I’ll be at super cool MELTDOWN COMICS – May 11th, 7pm.

After my Barcelona & LA trips, I plan to get started drawing the “all-ages book”, but in the meantime I’m dabbling in a number of small projects – including a cover for Wisconsin buddy Tim Seeley’s farm noir series REVIVAL. A creepy sort of “X-Files meets Fargo” story set in our childhood stomping grounds of Wausau, Wisconsin. A) thumbnailed idea sketches, B) pencils, C) final inks & colors.


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  1. Stumptowncomics seems great! There was a Festival called “Keep Portland Weird” last week in Paris, with great bands playing (amazing Pavement’s frontman Stephen Malkmus). I read some brochures about Portland and I understand now why you’ve moved there. So many creative people and seemingly nice environment; Funny thing, many things have brought me back to your drawings recently. Went to R. Crumb’s exhibition last week and couldn’t help but compare your two expressive drawings and the major reference to sex(uality). While Crumb purposely and cynically breaks social moral rules, there’s always the notion of individual sin hanging over your work. He “pukes” his drawings, whereas you intellectualize them, bringing more sensuality than raw sexuality. Equal talents with two different universes.
    Another thing: I have stumbled across an old article today about the “Citarum” river in Java (google it, it’s horrendous), probably the most polluted river in the world. Instantly reminded me of the one in Habibi, as if you drew on the spot!

    When will your next book come out? Looking forward so much to it.

    Thank you for posting your new stuffs on the blog!

  2. Hey Jordi,
    It was great to see you in Barcelona. My only regret was that they cut the line short, because of my tight schedule, and I wasn’t able to draw in everybody’s books. Thanks for being patient with that!

  3. Craig, I really like your variant cover for Revival. Do you have an art dealer / sell original art? Are the sketches or it available for purchase?

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