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maurice sendak May 8th, 2012

Maurice was an artistic MASTER, a mentor, a friend, and a beautiful person.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    Kindred spirits.

  2. Katie Says:


  3. Caleb Says:

    He was one of my heroes and inspires a lot of my art

  4. Jordi Says:

    We’ll always have him in his works

  5. farel Says:

    that is awesome craig.

  6. Aron Says:

    This is a great picture.

  7. Comic creators pay tribute to Maurice Sendak | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment Says:

    […] Craig Thompson: […]

  8. Dao Says:

    awesome. Thank you for the link Craig

  9. Maiz Says:

    Wow. Beautiful picture and tribute. I’m so sorry that I never met him.

  10. Catherine Says:

    Thanks for sharing your lovely personal picture of Mr. Sendak. His stories were a huge part of many childhoods.

  11. Maiz Says:

    I came home last night after your signing at Meltdown, and put my copy of Habibi on our coffee table… right on top of a pile of Sendak’s Little Bear books. I looked at his intricate hand drawn borders and frames in a whole new way. I’m feeling really lucky to have met you; your q&a session was so thought-provoking and inspiring!

  12. Dan Says:

    That picture looks like an old master painted it… only better. We were all lucky to have him, and we’re all lucky to have you.

  13. jess smart smiley Says:

    Great picture! Endings are just another word for beginnings.

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