Finally recovering from promotional travel. A token of carrying home on one’s back is this handmade Chunky Rice plush from Raquel & Ferran in Barcelona. Thanks, you two! And to Jordi & the other dedicated Spanish fans that made it out. Accompanying Chunky is a classic casualty of travel – the drowned sketchbook – reminding me of the age-old lesson to sketch in archival ink. Appropriately, most of the drawings are of airplane interiors that literally bled together after so many flights.

Along the way, I meet so many amazing people – too many to acknowledge in this small space – but foremost you readers! Seen here is my Spanish/Catalan editor Laureano & a new fave cartoonist David Rubin. Also, the charming Elvis Mitchell – an incredible interviewer that sets one at ease & draws out an honest conversation.

Some of you may recognize Laureano from my 2004 travelogue CARNET DE VOYAGE. Below, the view a block and a half from Laureano’s apartment. On the right is a snippet from my 2004 sketchbooks that never made it into print. But it’s another good reminder…


16 thoughts on “home-back

  1. Can you remind me what the drawings were, Gabe? Mail filters in from Pantheon, Top Shelf, and my agent – and tends to get pretty chaotic when I’m away for travel. Thanks much!

  2. dear Craig,
    I know you’re in love with Barcelona city and I feel the same believe me, but please… don´t forget in the future coming back to Madrid, we are waiting…


  3. Hi Craig

    Was amazing meeting you in Ramblas this year! Dedicated Habibi is now stored secure at home, if you send back a mail adress i´ll send you the photos taken this day… Cheers!

  4. Any possibility you may be coming through Chicago? I’ve been waiting to get my copy of Blankets signed since 2004!

  5. to all you people in portland: today, before sunset, you´ll be able to see the transit of venus. we -europeans- will be able to see it at sunrise tomorrow. (use glasses for eclipses and) enjoy!

  6. Hello Craig, I am the fan from Barcelona that asked you to dedicate the book to his kids. I told you I had lived in Eau Claire for a year. Just wanted to thank you for all your patience during the book signing and all the kindness you showed. You are a wonderful person, I hope you get all the love that you deserve.

  7. Hi Craig!
    It was great to meet you at the Saló in Barcelona. And thanks for being so kind to us who were waiting in the queue. I was happy to share a moment with you! Hope to see you again soon!

  8. Hi Mr. T, I have been devouring “Blankets” last night, so you obviously have a new fan. “Habibi” is waiting for me today.
    Thanks for your great work… By the way it’s “Sagrada Familia” with an extra i. 😉

  9. Hello Craig.

    I am from the beautiful city of Cape Town and was wondering if you are going to visit out city for a book signing. I have read Habibi and loved it-beautifully illustrated.

  10. Craig Thompson,

    I was disappointed in my research to find that you do not have a listed email address on the internet–although it makes sense as i’m sure you would receive much fanmail.

    I just finished ‘Blankets’ and believe it to be the most breathtaking, inspiring, beautiful graphic novel i have ever read. the expressive line quality of each panel, and the allegorical elements of each chapter are astonishing in aesthetic as well as emotions. your writing was eloquent and told so much, without saying so much. overall, this novel captivated my attention–and artistic mind–in a way i have never felt before.

    i cannot begin to explain the way this book made me feel, but needless to say, you are an amazing artist and writer. i hope to someday create something as beautiful for the world to see, within my own voice.

    thank you,
    Kelsey Gallagher

  11. Craig,

    I’m twenty years old living in Arkansas with my brother, working on my first graphic novel. I’ve been on it every day for a few months now, and I just need to say (even if you never actually see this) how important your comics have been to me over the years. Honestly, after reading Blankets, I decided it was worth it to start the GN. I’ve been drawing comics all my life, and now I’m out there trying to make it count. I’ve submitted some artwork to several publishers, still waiting to hear back. Anyway, Thank you. You’re my hero.


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