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kim thompson June 19th, 2013

Comics industry luminary Kim Thompson will be dearly missed. Though we aren’t related, I referred to him affectionately as “Uncle Thompson.” He nurtured the comics scene into the thriving community it is today, translated and published crucial European artists, and encouraged young talent.  He was one of the very first professionals to discover and acknowledge my work. Here’s a postcard he sent me on March 5, 1997.


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  1. Jose de Leon Says:

    “Almost” rekindles his faith in the Next Generation of Cartoon-ists? I guess that’s Kim Thompson for you :) Good thing you tried harder :) Great memory and he will be greatly missed.

  2. Thinking about Kim Thompson, life and death Says:

    […] a few links, a very few. Craig Thompson posted the above postcard from 1997.. Mark Evanier recalled working with him on the Pogo reprints: He had a passion for presenting the […]

  3. jess smart smiley Says:

    What a loss for comics-lovers everywhere.

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  5. Craig Thompson Says:

    […] the upper right is a “LASER QUEST” jam with Lewis Trondheim. I’m reminded that Kim Thompson was the first to translate & publish Trondheim’s work in the US. Also, this news is late […]

  6. Jordi Says:


  7. Komiksárium » PÁTE?NÍ ZÁPISNÍK: Sbohem, Kime Says:

    […] ?innosti na domácí americké p?d? by šly popsat tuny papíru (podívejte nap?. na pohled jmenovci Craigovi z roku 1997). Všechna ?est jeho památce. N?co na p?ipomenutí jeho osobnosti […]

  8. mike feher Says:

    cool beans.
    r u gonna Re-publish MY FRIEND JOEY’S LEGS through any old publishers?

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