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nerd club June 24th, 2013

Finally finished inking the first chapter of SPACE DUMPLINS (57 pages). I’m way behind on my personal deadlines (primarily due to the health of my drawing hand), but colorist Dave Stewart has been knocking out gorgeous colors at a breakneck pace. Here’s a peek.

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  1. Maiz Says:

    I guess I’d better stay away from Interstellar Inner City! Seriously, though, I’ve always been a big fan of black and white, but WOW, those colors look amazing… they really pull you in to the pictures. Beautiful work!

  2. Jordi Says:

    This looks really well! Take care of your hand!

    Next week I’ll be in NYC. Can you suggest any special comic book store there? Thanks Craig!

  3. Kel Winser Says:

    Craig, these look ace! Looking forward to seeing more! By the way, thanks for signing my copy of Blankets at Gosh Comics, London a couple years ago…I wasn’t there and my wife got it done for me as a surprise and just want to say thanks – love it!

  4. jess smart smiley Says:

    Dang. I’m drooling over the drawing of the ship’s parts in the top of that first panel. Long live genuine nerds!

    How many chapters are in Space Dumplins?

  5. Craig Says:

    Does anyone have NYC comic shop suggestions for Jordi? I’m not certain what the best stores are these days…

  6. Richard Says:

    These colours look fantastic. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on ‘Space Dumplings’ in the hopefully not so distant future.

    On a personal note I’m eager to see how it fits in with the rest of the canon!

  7. Jordi Says:

    Hi Craig!
    I’ve just been to the NY Public exhibition named “The ABC of it: why children’s book matter” and your Blankets is there among some very important graphic novels in history. You are mentioned in the introduction to graphic novels too. I’ve taken pictures of it if you are interested!

  8. Ryan Says:

    Wow, I cant wait for this to be finished!
    On another subject, there is one particular picture of yours im Habibi which I am desperate to find out the meaning of as I am considering getting it as a tattoo. I would hugely appreciate it if you could let me know?×1024-625×874.jpg

    Many thanks and keep up the amazing work.


  9. mike feher Says:

    1. Dumplin ;
    A female with nice curves and big beautiful eyes that match.

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