amiens et lyon

Related to the straight-to-sketchbook project mentioned in the last post, I’ll be spending the month of June in France. While there, I’ll also participate in the Amiens BD festival and the Lyon BD festival to compensate for my abbreviated French presence during 2011’s HABIBI book tour. As some may recall, the French edition of HABIBI was late from the printers and so I’d done press at that time, but no signings.

To prep for travel, my friend Lucie is tutoring me in French. Here’s a little excerpt from my study notebook — a homework exercise to “write (& draw) a dialogue with two (or ten) characters” in which Little Zacchaeus (from CARNET and SPACE DUMPLINS) interacts with references from some favorite bande dessinée – including PETIT VAMPIRE VA À L’ECOLE by Joann Sfar, LES OGRES by David B. & Christophe Blain, CÉFULUS by Ludovic Debeurme, and SALADE NIÇOISE by Baudoin. (Translated or not, it makes no sense.)

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  1. Wow, you’re learning French? I’m impressed by the quality of your dialogues (yes, sincerely impressed).

    If you want to practice some more French, TV5MONDE has produced some exercises around the art of bande dessinée over there :

    The website is slightly old school (there’s a new, improved version but the old exercises haven’t all been ported over).

    Hope you’ll find it interesting.

  2. I’ve got a question —
    (bet you’ve probably heard it a 1,000 times before, but…)

    would you ever consider to option “blankets” out to a Hollywood Big-Budget Studio?

    …and if YES -would you personally want to be intimately involved in the Production, casting, etc -to make sure they get it right?

    I ask, as i’m sure your readers would be interested, because it’d introduce millions more to your Works through the Culture-Penetrative media of film –who’d otherwise would never have been able to get interested in “comics”

    …or conversely, would you have reservations to going forth with that Process due to the negative side-effects that modern “Fame” can introduce into an artist’s life?

    (not to “grill” you, but I’m just curious of your take on this whole
    “book-to-screen” adaptation process.

    (if that’s way too invasive or too- long-winded of a request, I understand , i’m sure you’ve better things to do with your time than think about Hollywood dealings)

    but anyways, Continuez votre bon travail

    cheers, m. feher

  3. Merci for the drawing, Quentin!
    Unfortunately, I was not scheduled on Sunday. Sorry I missed you at the Lyon BD Festival. Amicalement ~

  4. Hi Craig!
    I would have loved to meet you at the Lyon BD festival, but i was too shy to show up.
    You are my favorite painter,poet and storyteller. I love your work so much!!
    All the best,

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