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praying drunk August 4th, 2014

My drawing buddy Farel Dalrymple has a new graphic novel out from First Second titled WRENCHIES. On the surface, it appears a post-apocalyptic adventure, but underneath it’s a meta, existentialist, psychedelic, and deeply personal epic. WRENCHIES explores religious upbringing, guilt, addiction, and self-destructive tendencies while leavening it with moments of child-like, nerdy bliss and the most endearing chubby kid in a homemade superhero outfit named Hollis. Haunting and glowing. If you’re in Portland, FLOATING WORLD is hosting a launch for the book from 6-10pm this Thursday, August 7th.
(The image on the left is Farel’s rendition of Dodola & Zam from FLOATING WORLD’s launch for HABIBI back in October 2011.)

Another book I NEED to endorse is Kyle Minor’s PRAYING DRUNK. My fervor for this book is almost religious; I went and ordered a bunch of copies directly from the publisher SARABANDE BOOKS to proselytize my loved ones. And yet I’m dumbfounded attempting to articulate the magic this book works — the blurbs on Minor’s site do a decent job – or you can wet your curiosity with a great interview with the author on my pal David Naimon’s literary podcast BETWEEN THE COVERS.  What I can say is this book shook me and humbled me and stays with me, and you won’t regret picking up a copy for yourself.

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  1. Jordi Says:

    Hi Craig! Thanks for your suggestions! I will check them for sure! Both books look really good!

  2. Jordi Says:

    Well, now one copy of each one is flying to Barcelona!

  3. Jess smart smiley Says:

    All right, then. Already ordered Wrenchies, but hadn’t heard of Praying Drunk until now. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Kevin Says:

    Praying Drunk is SO good. I will look out for Wrenchies.

  5. mike feher Says:

    wow, great suggestions C.T., i’m listening to the podcast with Minor right now.
    Since we’re all proselytizing and beating drums here on this thread,
    I figure i’d throw out a recent personal fav of mine by New York Author: Ryan Mooney -his latest book


    ANTI-HYPEis a another “don’t-miss” along these lines, I urge you to check out

  6. Amber Says:


    Thanks for posting this.

    I visited your site looking for a way to contact you about an interview– I’ve been similarly prostelyzing (sp?) about Blankets for years, and am working on a writing and teaching project which relies heavily on your book.

    But the really interesting part: I am a writer, AND have just finished a review of Praying Drunk for a magazine.

    Was amazed to see your zeal for the same book. I don’t share your feeling exactly, but I’d be happy to share my review with you, and begin a conversation. I grew up Pentecostal on a steady diet of DC Talk, and I am passionate that the conversation about conservative Christianity in America, its beauty, its bizarre cultural elements, and its nuclear-level fallouts, needs to keep being had.


    Amber N.

  7. Amber Says:

    Hmm… grammar mistake. “Need to keep being had” is what I was going for. : )

  8. Jasmine Says:

    Love these! Look forward to it! Please let me know if I can interview you for my Master’s Thesis on Muslim cartoons, a chapter of which will be solely devoted to Habibi. Please get back to me. I have been trying to reach you to no avail.

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