catch & release

Thanks for your patience, Blog-friends, and my apologies for the lag since the last post. The end-of-the-year deadline is looming, work-weeks have shifted to seven days, and in classic form, I’m tossing finished pages and rewriting the ending. So speaking of tossing finished pages, here’s a glimpse of what used to be the first two panels of the book, before I scrapped the first chapter and started from scratch.

The second image here is a space ship concept design drawn back in 2012, long before I began drawing actual pages.


9 thoughts on “catch & release

  1. what’s that little guy called – -the little orange guy with the bunny-ear-stubs?
    I;ve seen him in Craig’s
    Carnet Le’Voyage
    and Maybe in some other doodling’s of Craigs.

    WHo is he?

    can we call him “Doopy” or something?

  2. jordi no seas pesao hombre de dios 🙂 , no ves que estará hinchándose a currar? que se le echa encima la fecha lĂ­mite pa entregar la obra terminada…

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