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  1. Craig,
    I’m not the type to contact famous writers, artists, etc whose work I appreciate, but this time I just couldn’t resist. I read both Blankets and Carnet de Voyage a few years ago, and they fascinated me immensely. Those works definitely stuck with me and I always highly recommend your books to others. I had been pining after Habibi for a long time before I finally got it. Now I have no idea what I was thinking in waiting so long. I just read it in 3 days (it only took that long because I had to work, eat, and sleep in between!). It is indescribably INCREDIBLE. The artwork is breathtaking and mind-boggling, and I keep returning to certain pages to just stare at them (17, 252-5, 264, 531, 589-90 and more). The story, of course, was heart-wrenching and beautiful as well. I especially appreciate the explanations of Arabic calligraphy and letters, as well as the shapes and geometry used. As a doula, I was moved by the way that pregnancy and labor were depicted in the story and images. Thank you so much for connecting the more beautiful parts of the Biblical narrative with what I consider to be a very necessary critique of civilization (aka Empire). I’m excited to see what you have in store for us in Space Dumplins!

  2. Hiya Craig! I presume this is the best place to ask a question? I was wondering if it’s possible to buy a print of your Usagi Yojimbo piece anywhere? I missed the original auction as, while I adored Blankets – I bought it back in 2005 as a treat to celebrate my first proper job in London – it didn’t occur to me to stick your name in the internet, where I would have come across your blog and seen what you were up to since ie. drawing gorgeous Japanese woodblock/leporine ninja illustrations. (Also, I have a fear of reading more about artists whose work I like, in case they have disappointing opinions and such. Morrissey, man.). I read Carnet de Voyage thus weekend, the same weekend I booked tickets to ACTUAL JAPAN, and the existence of such a gorgeous piece seemed like a perfect combination.

    ANYWAY. Please do let me know if a print is available. Even a postcard version. That would be ace. Sorry for rambling all over yr blog, and looking forward to Space Dumplins!

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