space dumplins book tour!

NOTE: As of September 16th, new updates to the SPACE DUMPLINS BOOK TOUR!


September 11 • Portland, Oregon • A CHILDREN’S PLACE Bookstore • 5 PM

September 12 • Portland, Oregon   BRIDGE CITY COMICS • 11 AM

September 12 • Portland, Oregon • POWELL’S BOOKS, Burnside • 2 PM

September 16 • Seattle, Washington • COMICS DUNGEON • 4 PM
September 16 • Seattle, Washington • UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE • 7 PM

September 17-19 • Walla Walla, WA • WHITMAN COLLEGE 

September 20 • San Francisco, CA • COMIX EXPERIENCE • 2 PM

September 25 • Los Angeles, CA • SECRET HEADQUARTERS • 6 – 9 PM


October 1-3 • Columbus, OH • CARTOON CROSSROADS

October 4 • Naperville, IL • ANDERSON’S BOOKSHOP • 2 PM

October 6 • Winnetka, IL • The BOOK STALL

October 7 • Oconomowoc, WI • BOOKS & COMPANY Bookstore

October 9 • Denver, Colorado • MOUNTAINS & PLAINS Independent Booksellers Association Tradeshow • 3 PM

October 13 • Montrose, CA • ONCE UPON A TIME Bookstore • 7 PM

October 17 • Minneapolis, Minnesota • TWIN CITIES BOOK FESTIVAL

CANADA IN LATE OCTOBER! More info to come for late October and part of November.

Endless thanks for your patience while I road tripped across the US with Edmond Baudoin. It was completely crazy of me to be working on the NEXT book when my latest debut needed promotional attention. But I’m home now & refueling to hit the road again. Looking forward to seeing you!

26 thoughts on “space dumplins book tour!

  1. Hi Craig,
    Just a quick note from a Canadian fan. I’ve been you with you since ‘Blankets’. ‘Habibi’ simultaneously lifted me up and broke my heart, my son who is 6 would delight when I would show him the intricate and breath taking illustrations. This past Tuesday, with great delight, I took my kids (Lando 6, and Paiget 3) to the book store to buy them ‘Space Dumplins’ for my birthday (yes, for my birthday). We’re in love and in absolute awe! You’ve provided us with a new and exciting way to stay up even later for ‘one more page’.
    Thank you and with great sincerity,

    Trevor Hammersley-Frazer, Lando Frazer, and Paiget Frazer

    1. Thank you, Trevor! Your kind words are so encouraging. Exciting to hear from first readers of the book. The tour is bound to send me to Canada, too, in late October – probably Montreal and Toronto, more on that soon. Send my thanks to Paiget and Lando, too! (awesome names)

      1. Feel free to come to Vancouver, too, as long as you’re in Canada!

        I’m reading more slowly through Space Dumplins a second time now – and looking forward to sharing it with my girls!

  2. Craig,

    Being Egyptian Canadian, I was immediately engulfed by habibi and consistently read everything your quill touched since then. Not only that, but it inspired me to start a graphic novel of my own and I’ve been working on it for three years now. Two artists drove me to create, you, and will eisner – go figure.

    I have to applaud your work on space dumplins, it feels like you’re so comfortable in your style and every little brush stroke seems calculated and deliberate. The writing is engaging as ever, and rewarding for those who will understand the extra layers interwoven between the lines.

    Keep creating, you’re a beacon for tomorrow’s artists and thinkers. Thanks Craig!

  3. Craig,

    I hope your stay in NY will include more than just CCNY (especially on the days I won’t be there). There are plenty of comic book stores (and book stores) in NY where the multitudes would seek you out.


  4. Craig, I was lucky enough to meet you at the Scholastic party at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. We talked for a few minutes and I received a copy of Space Dumplings there and I have to tell you I was really impressed.

    I gave the book an A+ and a “Highest Possible Recommendation.” Here’s a link to the review: I’ve also put a link to my review on my Twitter and Instagram accounts.

    Please continue writing and drawing–you are amazing!

  5. Hi Craig!
    Counting the days for my copy of Space Dumplins to arrive in Barcelona! Hope to see you again sometime in the Saló del Cómic!

  6. Hi, Craig,

    I just called The Book Stall in Winnetka, and they said your appearance might end up being at a library or a school with someone from their staff, and not at the store itself. Can you please post updates when you have more details as to your actual location so those of us in the Chicago area can traipse over and see you?



  7. You were doing so great with my daughter, Isabelle, yesterday at the Decatur Book Festival talking about her Clayface comics that I didn’t want to interject. Thank you for making the trip to GA.It was great to hear you and Chris speak and see how much time you put in with your fans.

    Goodbye Chunky Rice was one of my first comic finds in the library system that I turned around and bought. I have been buying your work ever since.I always enjoy returning to Carnet De Voyage (my personal favorite of your works). Eager to read Space Dumplings when my daughter finishes it (which will be very soon at the rate she is going).

  8. Hey Craig,

    Wow, super excited to pick up your latest work, Space Dumplins, and that you are going to be in the Chicago area. I am hoping to see you in either Naperville or Winetka and was wondering if you might have some time while you are here to get together or even speak to some of my students. It has been a long time and I would love to catch up.

    Shoot me an email if you would like.

    Chris Skrzypchak

  9. Helloooooo Craig!

    My name is Tiffany, from Seattle, WA. I was not aware that you were doing a tour for your new work, but my amazing boyfriend, James, recognized you at his local comic store (Comics Dungeon) when he was doing his weekly comic pick up after work and picked up one of your books for me and got it signed in my name while you guys had a few moments to chat and…wow! I am so envious he got to meet you, but also very, very thankful for what he did…and I wanted to try to get in touch with you in whatever way ever since to express my thanks and excitement =D
    I’ve been a fan of all of your work ever since I picked up and immediately bought your work, Blankets, back in 2009, I think. I followed and enjoyed all your other work, even since. You are awesome, and I’m excited to see you still doing quite well and to check out your new work! <3

    Thank youuuuuu! =D

  10. Hello Craig,
    I am (an adult) from Germany and I have just read your new comic book Space Dumplins and I wanted to say Thank you! It is a very funny and at the same time grave story, the characters in it are so loveable. I enjoyed reading so much and I love the idea of whales at space!
    Thank you again, wish you a nice book tour! Have a good time!

  11. I noticed that the October 16th date at Wild Rumpus in Minneapolis disappeared…. Are you still planning on being there? I was really looking forward to it (I’ll be out of MN for the 17th).


    1. Hi Mitchell,
      I’ll still be dropping by WILD RUMPUS on the 16th to sign stock, though it’s no longer an official event. If you keep tabs on my FB or ask someone at the store, we may be able to pin down the exact time I’ll be there. Thanks!

      1. Fantastic – thanks so much. I teach at a high school a few blocks away, so I’ll make sure to swing by and hopefully catch you there.


  12. Hi Craig, any idea of when you will be in Montreal? I live about two hours away but really want to be there so it would be fun to know ahead of time! Thanks! –Ashley

  13. Hi, Ashley! Arriving in Montreal on October 24th. Definitely doing an event at the D&Q shop on Sunday the 25th. On the 28th, arriving in Toronto. More details soon. Thanks, Craig

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