gertie & hapy bare

Touching base at home for a handful of days before continuing DUMPLINS book tour. The last leg brought me to Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Colorado… TEN school visits, four book stores, two festivals, one library. The trip launched with CXC, Comics Crossroads Columbus – the inaugural comics festival organized by Jeff & Vijaya Smith and Tom Spurgeon – which will easily become the favorite comics show of cartoonists, like the classic days of SPX. A highlight was touring the largest archive of comics art in the world at the Billy Ireland Museum, where I held the actual hand-drawn frames of Winsor McKay’s GERTIE THE DINOSAUR (1914).
At one of the school visits in Hoffman Estates, a gang of young cartoonists gifted me a 90 page, full-color graphic novel. This is the actual original art pages, so I feel like I need to donate it to the Billy Ireland archives for long time preservation as these artists, Ryan Ahn and Vikram Palani, become FAMOUS!

7 thoughts on “gertie & hapy bare

  1. Hi! I would like your address please because I would like to send you a letter! I am friends with Jeff smith and I’m ten and I’ve read your book space dumplings four times!????

  2. I am the one who makes Hapy bare books and I can assure you, I am in progress for a new and way longer in depth story line. Later!

    1. Hi Ryan,
      Great to hear from you and know that more Hapy Bare books are in the works! Sorry to read about the dispatching of the “gang” though. I recently moved and had to pack up all my belongings, but I was sure to pack my edition of Hapy Bare safely, and label the box, so it can be easily found later. Let me know if you ever need it returned. Probably when you’re an adult, you’ll be wistful for these youthful creations. My brother and I definitely get excited any time we unearth comics we drew as kids.
      All the best to you!

  3. I am also afraid that the “gang” has dispatched at the end of July on 2016. So I guess I am all alone for this one! My regards.

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