canadian dumplins!

Up next is the Canadian portion (and Philadelphia) of DUMPLINS (and D&Q Blankets) book tour!
Sunday, October 25th, 3 PM : Librarie D&Q, 211 Bernard Ouest, MONTREAL
Monday, October 26th, 7 PM : Librarie D&Q, 211 Bernard Ouest, MONTREAL
Wednesday, October 28th, 6 PM : Palmerston Public Library, TORONTO
Thursday, October 29th, 3 PM : University of Toronto, TORONTO
Friday & Saturday, October 30th & 31st, Locust Moon Comics Festival, PHILADELPHIA
Halloween… might be a good time for SPACE DUMPLINS cosplay, hint hint…

These early sketches reveal that the FISHIN’ BUDDIES from SPACE DUMPLINS were directly inspired by Canadian influences: part Bob & Doug McKenzie from STRANGE BREW, part Barf the Mog (played by my fave comedian as a child, John Candy)  from SPACE BALLS!

5 thoughts on “canadian dumplins!

  1. Hello, Craig.

    I have read Dumplins recently (as I read Habibi and Blankets), and I am curious about the title. What does it mean? I am Portuguese, you see, and even though my English is fairly good, I can’t understand the meaning of the title. I realize there is a recipe named «drop dumplings», but I can’t quite make the connection to page 217, where Violet says «drop yer dumplins».

    If you would be so kind to enlighten me, I would appreciate it.


    Paulo (writing in Lisbon, Portugal)

  2. Hello, Craig. I hope the Canadian leg of your tour is productive and mostly, fun. What a shame you won’t be in Lucca this year. I will be, and still regret I never managed to get my copy of “Habibi” signed back in 2011. I sent you a handwritten letter the summer just past…

    All the best

  3. Craig,

    Thanks again for speaking to us at the University of Toronto yesterday, and for signing my copy of Blankets. Best of luck in the rest of the tour!


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