home from europe


Thank you to everyone who made it to the events in France, Belgium, Germany, UK, Corsica, Italy, and Spain. Over 22 cities in 45 days. Promotional tour is complete; Now it’s time to push my baby from the nest and let it fly on its own. More importantly, time to get started on something new.


Thank you, too, for the piles of great fan art. Here’s a couple of samples: Leonardo D’Angeli (above) and Mar Mascaró (below). Oh, and at the very top, Veronica Carratello in Milan and Inigo from Bilbao.


5 thoughts on “home from europe

  1. Thanks to you Craig, it was wonderful to meet you in Barcelona again. Thanks for posting this photo with Tanit, it’s been a lovely surprise. Hope to see you next time!

  2. Onward and forward to greater things! Celebrate even small victories appropriately and continue to view setbacks as avenues for redemption. Along the road with you!

  3. Hi Craig! We had such a lovely evening with you in Barcelona. It was great meeting you and hanging out with you for some tapas! Next time you come back to the city, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll show you some beautiful secret places 🙂 We are sure that Laureano approves!

    Hope we’ll see you again soon!

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