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One last SPACE DUMPLINS event on the docket: Free Comic Book Day at the Federal Bar in North Hollywood, Saturday, May 7th. This is a fundraiser for LA Children’s Hospital, LA+USC Children’s Hospital, City of Hope Children’s Cancer Unit and Elizabeth’s Canvas organized by Blastoff Comics.
After that, I’m moving on from “all-ages” to work again on “serious”, “literary”, “adult” “graphic novels”.
In the meantime, the release valve for my silly, cartoony energies is a platform of spontaneous, collaborative animations cooked up with my little brother, Phil, called TRACTORBEAMS. Check out the soft launch at instagram and tractorbeams.tv.  (“TV”, not “.com”… couldn’t get that one.)

Fans of BLANKETS may recognize “Eyebrow Fairy”…

6 thoughts on “eyebrow fairy

  1. Great! I wasn’t able to make it to your other book signings, but I can make it to this! Will you be there the entire time? I would love it if you were able to sketch in my books!

  2. Hi Craig!

    It’s danielle, the executive producer from Skyfilms in China. We’re very interested in your book Space Dumplings and wondering if you may interested in selling film copyrights? Please feel free to contact me, thank you!


  3. I’ve just read Blankets, and I enjoyed it so much. So emotional! I felt great hapiness when you met Raina, and deep sadness when you discontinued your relationship. I am still recovering from this.

    Having received a strict catholic education myself, I also recognized many of the religious-related aspects in the book.

    There are further parallelisms, such as sharing bed with my brother, and playing on the bed as a boat!

    Thanks for this wonderful story…

  4. Hi, Craig,

    Big fan here! I’m a special ed teacher who uses graphic novels with struggling readers, and I love science fiction! Can I persuade you to donate a copy of Space Dumplins to our school?

    Best regards,


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