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  1. Aw nuts, I was just reading your Carnet de Voyage book nary a mile from the store. Sorry to have missed this, need to pay better attention.

  2. We met and has a very good conversation at Autoptic in Minneapolis. I bought Blankets. I thought I was buying a graphic novel to see what is being done with the genre these days and found I had bought a most wonderful book, one that melded text and imagery in a seamless flow that took the narrative straight into my heart and head and made it all feel as if – this is the mark of seriously great literature – I had lived it all myself. Your experience mediated by this work became my experience in a non-trivial way. Your memories transmuted into art became my memories. The many accolades I now know have been heaped on this work were not throwaways, they were deeply true. I can’t thank you enough for creating the book and this experience and choosing the artist’s path and now I have your other works to explore. What a joy, really. At a certain age, one gives up thinking one will encounter books that have the impact our favorites had when we were young. Blankets did. Wow. Long live life. Thank you, Craig.

  3. Hi Craig, we met in Minneapolis at the Auto show. You were signing books. I told you I read Space Dumplings to my daughter for six months every night. I pitched you the idea of a graphic novel that helps people with anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. I’m a meditation teacher who’s an acupressure therapist who’s certified in holistic pain management. I have chronic pain and I had to find something to ease the suff. I found centuries old ways to rid ourselves of pain. I want to tell the world. The government is denying pain meds to people suffering. What does that leave them with? I have a program that has multiple solutions. I’d like to do a book with you. My story and how I came to know all this wealth of information. With fantastical elements in absurd daydreams. So this would be a tale of one person suffering, discovering books on healing, seeing the person get better, be changed by the process, and want to scream the knowledge off the top of a skyscraper for everyone to hear.

    My email is joshbusch@gmail.com

    In a nut shell here’s what my program teaches:

    Embracing pain, learning meditation, seeing pain differently, learning self kindness, learning the power of thankfulness, learning the power of validation, a bit about the history of historical documents that talk about Christians existing in the first century, regression therapy to help people get over past trauma, how to think in certain ways that can heal hurts Western medicine cannot fix, and the science behind all this, dietary changes, and herbs. In short. Mind over Body.

    Here’s some of my websites MinneapolisAcupressure.com Meditationforchronicpain.com Extant.thecomicseries.com

    Thanks and hopefully this “comment” won’t be stuck on your website.


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