announcing my next project!

GINSENG ROOTS! My next project! For the first time in my “career” I’ll be SERIALIZING as COMIC BOOKS – the form of the medium that imprinted itself on me and my little brother, Phil, as children. Bimonthly, 32 pages, debuting late spring 2019 from Uncivilized Books.


For a decade of our childhood, Phil and I toiled in Wisconsin farms. Weeding and harvesting GINSENG—an exotic medicinal herb that fetched huge profits in China—funded our youthful obsession with comic books. Comics in turn, allowed us to escape our rural, working class trappings.

Part memoir, part travelogue, part essay—all comic book—Ginseng Roots explores class divide, agriculture, holistic healing, the 300 year long trade relationship between China and North America, childhood labor, and the bond between two brothers. 

2 thoughts on “announcing my next project!

  1. BEYOND THRILLED to hear about this, Craig! Looking VERY much forward to this. Good luck but greater skill as you embark on this next chapter in your artistic odyssey!

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