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Doot Doot Garden: The blog of graphic novelist Craig Thompson
sockman’s salvation April 19th, 2008

My brother Phil and his wife Ami just visited for a week. No pee-fights this time around,
though in our last couple of hours together we did collaborate on a jam comic.


It stars characters crafted by my brother in our childhood – Sockman, Detective Skelly, Robot Egg, and Ninja Thrasher!
( ~ my character designs were always lame & milquetoast…) Apologies to you blog-readers,
but I had to post this to at least amuse our childhood buddy Evan.


These “salvation army” battle scenes were doubtless inspired by our father’s plumbing occupation
and our family exclusively shopping at thrift stores.


stormtroopers, flomgart & gluten-free beer July 9th, 2012

Thanks for the reminder, Jordi! The all-ages book is progressing, but still in its secret stages. What I can reveal is that I got last minute tickets to attend San Diego Comic-con this week. At 10:30 am on Friday, July 13th, I’ll be signing at the Top Shelf booth (#1721). That night, I’ll certainly be attending the Eisner Awards. And on Saturday the 14th, from 10am – noon, I’ll be presenting a writers’ workshop on ‘World-Building’ at TR!CKSTER (795 J Street, San Diego, CA). My plan is to hang around TR!CKSTER quite a bit, where they’ll be selling a super-limited-edition HABIBI screenprint – handpulled by Portland printmaking superstar Pete McCracken.

Speaking of Portland superstars, cartoonist buddy & psychedelic visionary Theo Ellsworth (above) is leaving town; so we got together for one last drawing day, and crafted an afternoon jam comic (below). FLOMGART’S DEPARTURE is inspired by Chicago’s Trubble Club sessions. For other surreal, half-baked jams on this blog, revisit those with Aaron Renier, Fabio Moon, and my brother Phil.