6 thoughts on “have i fallen off the face of the earth?

  1. Hooray, I’m so excited to find out you have a blog! I’m really excited about Habibi. Is it going to have those little pinwheel/throwing star things in it, or was that just a Blankets thing? 😀
    Lots of warm wishes from London!

  2. Craigory, you look so sad… Well I am elated to finally see an update to your site here. I was checking religiously until right before the update. It came out the day after my birthday, so it’s just a superlate belated birthday gift…even though we’ve never met you have been the sole artistic inspiration for me as of late, you’ve inspired me to become acquainted with a brush pen. I have everything I could get my greedy hands on(including the Blankets soundtrack by Tracker)
    I just wanted to give all my love and the most thanks for pouring your heart and soul into your work that has given me nothing but pleasure. I have cried with laughter and had my heart broken in the same panle more than once.You mean more to your fans than you realize!
    Many thanks also for the Habibi preview!
    Keep up the work, no matter how long it takes!

  3. Hey! Cobble beach! That’s one of my favorite places on the entire oregon coast. i love just sitting and listening to the waves move all those little cobbles against each other, like a giant rain stick. It’s really great to see some regular updates from you! hooray for blogs!

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