snow wars

When I was approximately eight years old, I drew these panoramic winterscapes
on the backsides of computer spreadsheets (from my friend Shawn’s dad) stapled together.


I’m posting them here because of their snow-infused childhood connection to BLANKETS. Other themes include snowmobiles, superheroes, and the below image which I fear depicts some sort of molestation — not sure if the obese man or the child in his lap is the perpetrator (reflecting my childhood confusion), but fortunately a flying spandex-clad hero has intervened before the pants came off.


14 thoughts on “snow wars

  1. Nice ^_^
    That reminds me…last week I was staying at my boyfriend’s and he came up with a bunch of his old drawings. It was great to see how he understood all the things he saw, red, and watch when he was just a child.

    I love these things. Kisses from Spain.

  2. now I miss winters again. down here in austin, tx, ice is the only frozen weather we get, rarely. back in wausau, there was snow to be had snow every winter.

  3. My parents had a coffee table. I used to lay underneath it and draw these little people. Over the years, I was so tickled by it so much that I’d share those drawings with guests. Then one day I came home from school and my parents had gotten a new set of furniture. They sold the table to a random person. So yes, it’s nice that you still have these drawings. 🙂

  4. Hey, there, Craig! In the middle of my own personal chaos (moving to a new place) I pulled out Carnet de Voyage to reread and eventually rediscovered your web site and now your blog! I’m more than thrilled to see some snippets of Habibi, and rarities like these, and I’m glad you’re showing them to us. And now I’m wishing it wasn’t 90 degrees outside . . .

  5. Hi Craig,
    I m very glad to found you here…
    Blankets is simply awesome…very inspirational…you re great..
    I have promise to my self to pubblish a graphic novel too in the future, and begin to “feel” for real what I do…
    My girlfriend never readed a comics , I have gave to her Blankets…she falled in love with your book, and now she read comics..
    So, thank you Craig
    A big hug

  6. Hi Craig,
    I’ve just finished “carnet de voyage”, find it both realistic and poetic. And funny too. Very good work.
    Hope to read soon something new from you (when?), kisses from Italy.

  7. what heartache! I believe the news on the site was been updated like the agent’s mail was!! eheheh i’ve bored the powell’s for a week to ask for me a signed chunky rice!

    Have a nice day to all here!

  8. I was a child when my father bring at home informatic paper to get me and my pencils away of the walls of my home. (coincidence that made me laugth when i saw that scene on Blankets)

    Blankets and Carnet de Voyage was a great discover for me and the reason to take again a pencil on my hand. (Not to do something special just to don,t drop it again)

    Thanks from Bilbao

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