the magic of threes

Today’s Yom Kippur, autumnal equinox (almost) and my birthday (and eRiQ’s from NZ) (and Leonard Cohen’s). 21 = 2 + 1 = 3.
The third chapter of HABIBI has just been completed. Three of nine. Nine the month of September. And soon I’m leaving for a
quick jaunt to Europe to visit three of my publishers (Pantheon, Casterman, Oog-n-blik) and mull over the upcoming chapters.
The book is mutating, because changes are stirring within me. Anyway, there’s my nutty numerology for the moment.
And here’s a peek of three panels from the third chapter. (I’m reluctant to spill entire pages, because I want it to be a surprise!)



46 thoughts on “the magic of threes

  1. That crowd scene is just gorgeous! Beautiful, full of lively details and even little story tableaus. And I love that geometrical pattern you’ve got sampled behind the other two (also beautiful) panels.

  2. Happy Birthday! The panels look great, I admire your dedication to the craft and of course your artistry as well. I really like how the third panel is composed especially, his pose is interesting but very natural and the placement of the word balloons works really well. Looking forward to the publication! Have fun in Europe!

  3. dear Craig,

    happy birthday!

    first, an anecdote: once at a book signing in SF, you asked me how the line was, and I replied “beautiful” because I was watching you doodle in my book at the time, and I was somewhat oblivious to the line of people behind me that you were actually referring to. uh, AWKWARD! but currently relevant, too: the line quality in these pages you’ve given us hints at is so gorgeous. the rocky stuff in the bottom right panel reminds me of some of the nature stuff in Baudoin’s “Le Chemin de St Jean.” hopefully the suits you are meeting with don’t even mention a schedule if this is what the new book is looking like. ha ha. can’t wait.

    hope this finds you well!

  4. Happy Birthday

    Thank you so much for the panels. I am always amazed at how beautifully your work conveys emotion. I cannot wait for Habibi. I hope you are able to post from Europe. Enjoy your trip!

  5. Gorgeous. I LOVE how you draw expressions. I’m curious, do you look at pictures to figure them out or do you just know them in your head?

    They’re very human. You can see the entire panel in a person’s face.

  6. A little bit too late, but happy birthday Craig!
    The two panels are really beautiful. There is some much emotion in it, the expression of the characters is so nice, it’s like they really come to life.
    Hope you’ll enjoy the trip through Europe!

  7. Holy Crap! It all makes sense to me now! You are such an impeccable example of the worried, perfectionist, self-critical Virgo! *grin* But that just makes you all the more endearing. I hope you had a very happy birthday.

    Bon Voyage!

  8. Joyeux anniversaire !
    I thought i wouldn’t be able to get to Paris in time for the Menomena gig, but after all I find I can be there! Hope to meet you there then!
    Thanks for the Habibi treat, I’m definitely in love with the way you draw women’s faces.

  9. Im reading ‘ Cuaderno de Viaje’ right now, and enjoying a lot, Im just back from my holidays in Istanbul and im finding myself in some of your thoughts and drawings. You´re not helping me with my homesick and holiday blues though!(hehe joking 😉 ) Enjoy your time here in Europe!!
    I´ll try to meet you in Barcelona, see you there!
    Opps and Feliz Cumpleaños! (sorry im late!)

  10. These looked awesome.
    I’m really looking forward to read it.
    Just today I bought two copies of the new spanish hardcover edition of Good-Bye Chunky Rice for gifts, but I’m actually thinking about get back to the shop for a third copy, this edition is amazingly beautyful

  11. umm… not sure about these comment thingys, never actually left one before. So, happy birthday, the 21st of Sep is an important day indeed. Thank you for the sneak-peek panels, your drawings and doodles remind me to keep going with my own drawings and doodles… so keep drawing and doodling.
    Enjoy your trip to Europe, alana

  12. Happy – belated – birthday Craig! Those are some lovely panels there, each time you post something off Habibi I feel ten times more anxious to read the whole of it 🙂 And that first one, the opposition between the blueish crowd and the charachter shows his anxiety so much! It looks fantastic.

    Have fun in Europe – sad that the tour isn’t a little longer, would love to see you and Menomena here in Greece.

  13. Hi craig! I was curious if you ever did comissions or art trades? i would love to have a peice of your work and i know you hold on to most of your original stuff but if it’s possible i would love to find out if theres a way that could happen! Im very very excited for Habibi! keep up the good work!

  14. Hi Craig.. happy birthday!
    it was my birthday on the 21st too, im more than a little excited to say.. haha

    You’re my favourite illustrator!
    im trying to do my first little graphic novel for my university major project.. looking at your stuff keeps me going.

  15. ahhh yes, the power of numbers… and birthdays… and signs… and chinese years!

    really, what it is – is superstition.

    by the way, i thought you were going to let me keep the xerox copy! oh well… i hope you’re having fun on your trip. let’s get together when you get back, k? don’t forget.

  16. I got introduced to your work in a graphic novels class at UC Santa Cruz, and I’ve followed your work ever since. It’s really all fantastic stuff, but what I appreciate about the entire package is the honesty, the truth in not only your drawings but your writing as well. The panels look gorgeous as always, and I look forward to seeing you and Menomena in Milano!
    Ci vediamo

  17. Petit mot – just to say how happy I was to meet you at the Menomena gig in Paris last Saturday. It was pretty quick and hectic, and my social abilities are quite poor so I didn’t have much to say. Well, thank you, and thanks to Menomena, I truly enjoyed the show, I thought your cutely macabre drawings perfectly matched the eeriness of their songs.
    You did look a little nervous before the show, so I hope the original stress has worn off, and that you’re having a good time on this mini tour.
    Merci encore, biz.

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