“and the bells were ringing out…”s

As a meager gift to you readers, here’s a few goodies scavenged from the piles of scrap paper that litter the studio. Thank you, endlessly,
for being there — for reading the books and your encouraging comments!


1) mindless doodles, circa 1999. One day, the “flaming meanies” will be resurrected.


2) The scribbly rough of page 56 in Chunky Rice


3) The penciled version of page 442 of Blankets ~ July 1st, 2002


4) The photo that became the cover of Carnet de Voyage. 2ème arrondissement, rue des Moulins, Marseilles —
I claim that I didn’t use any photographs on those travels — but Top Shelf needed me to provide a
promotional cover for the book before it ever existed. So before I left for the trip, I used this photo
from January 2001 to capture a trip yet to happen in March 2004.

Peace on earth!

12 thoughts on ““and the bells were ringing out…”s

  1. “fairytale of new york” always makes me cry. i’m posting this nearly 11 weeks into 2008 ’cause i just saw it, but wanted to say hi anyway. this was a great entry-thanks for sharing all yer tidbits!

  2. After reading Blankets, I had to to hug the Comic, thats no joke, I really did! It was so brilliant, thank you for this beautiful comic!

    your fan 🙂

  3. I have never before had the urge to track down the author of a book and email him to tell him how much I enjoyed his work.

    I can’t remember the last time I read something that was so moving and beautiful.

    Thanks for making such a beautiful piece of art. It is good to be reminded how beautiful the world is…

  4. We just read Blankets for our book club. It was my suggestion and it changed the attitudes of a lot of people regarding their thoughts of Graphic Novels/Comics.

    Anyways, there was a discussion on a page that occurs shortly after the page 442 panel above. At the end of the chapter, there is a snowscape with a plant in the middle (I believe it says “tufts of briar”). Anyways, I thought that the image looked much like a woman’s body, but no one really believes me. I’m wondering:

    a) is it?
    b) If not, have you ever heard anyone else say that?


  5. Olá,
    I just finished my first Craig Thompson’s, Carnets de Voyage. Its a shame you don’t speak or read portuguese -I think! -for it will be much easier for me to express the following feelings..
    Let me sum up my long and boring, but necessary, story: a few months ago I met a comics artist who said to be much inspired by your work, I didn’t remember who you were very well. A few weeks later, looking through my boyfriend’s bookshelves, I found Blankets, in french, and still I couldn’t be seduced (i don’t know how to put this in other words) to read anything you published. Last week I was discussing graphic diaries at work, and then again I remembered you. Finally, yesterday my boyfriend and I were randomly going through several comic books in our usual bookshop and suddenly I found it, lost between Eisner’s The Spirit and others. My boyfriend offered me Carnets de Voyage. And was I grateful. I slept almost nothing last night and read the whole book with no stops, leaving just a few pages for today’s reading. Beautiful drawings, such inspiring writing… I felt sorry for you sometimes, I looked at your self-portraits, your drawings of cities, people, animals and got that strange feeling of knowing exactly how you were feeling.. I know: reality can be deceiving.. but Carnets made me want to call you and ask: are you ok now? I also felt incited to write again and pick up my comic stories were I left them. I my work becomes something worthwhile one day, I will owe you one. And I will surely keep reading “you”. Thank you, thank you so much. Good luck!


    Marisa – Lisboa, Portugal

    Ps. obrigada… T

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