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  1. i love your work craig…you’re such an inspiring person/artist! keep it up so i can keep it up

    ps, what kind of ink do you use? i’m trying to decide whether or not i wanna stick to higgins…peace and happy new year

  2. Craig,

    I am an Illustartion student in London and I am going to reference you in an essay, I was wondering if I could maybe answer you a few questions for me, in particular about Carnet de voyage. For example, on your website, you say that it is more on-the-spot then your other carefully constructed books but just how on-the-spot was it? How much of the imagery in the novel was actually done on site? Or was most of it developed from on site sketches into more final ink drawings? And if a lot of the ink drawings were done straight from life, were they then pieced together digitally on the computer to give the travelogue more of a structure and profesionalism? The reason I am asking is because our whole project has been about making drawings from life in peopled situations? And I was also wondering how you capture a scenery that is constantly moving (all those bustling Morrocan streets for example) without the use of photographs? Is it a matter of filling in gaps with imagination and focusing on different aspects individually?
    Ok well I would be very grateful if you could answer my questions, thank you for your attention and a Happy New Year!
    Best Regards,

  3. What a powerful image–as someone who grew up as a fundamentalist Christian like you, and left the faith–this collage of images and words strikes home for me.

    Is this being published anywhere? If so, how do we acquire it?

    Thanks for this New Year’s gift….

  4. I wish you 366 beautifull days filled with happiness, peace, friendship, creativity, surprising new things on this blog and good books!

  5. Craig,
    I’m a high school student in San Diego and I first want to say that I really like your book Blankets. My librarian bought the book and it was automatically a favorite to almost everyone at the school.( I read it in less than 3 hours) I just wanted to ask you if you considered making Blankets into an animated movie..I think it would be really awsome!!!

  6. Wonderful !!! Wow !!! i love your work since the begining !!! I work in a so great comic book shop in Annecy, and I’m very happy to have seen your work in “Carnet de Voyage” where you show Annecy šŸ˜‰
    You are in my links now šŸ˜€

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