sockman’s salvation

My brother Phil and his wife Ami just visited for a week. No pee-fights this time around,
though in our last couple of hours together we did collaborate on a jam comic.


It stars characters crafted by my brother in our childhood – Sockman, Detective Skelly, Robot Egg, and Ninja Thrasher!
( ~ my character designs were always lame & milquetoast…) Apologies to you blog-readers,
but I had to post this to at least amuse our childhood buddy Evan.


These “salvation army” battle scenes were doubtless inspired by our father’s plumbing occupation
and our family exclusively shopping at thrift stores.


26 thoughts on “sockman’s salvation

  1. Hey Craig! I was just thinking about you tonight since it was prom in the Megapolis of Mosinee and I remember a” few” years back when we all went to prom and you and Aaron wore your “Moo Deal” shirts! Good times!! I am really happy that you are doing so well and I wish you the best! Jocelyn

  2. Wow! I’d really like to read that Salvation Army Wars saga! I want to know more about Robot-Egg who didn’t get dialog this time.

    This a good family meeting, unlike those my family does. They don’t even know what a comic is!

    Cheers, Craig.

  3. I was an only child for a long time, but I had cousins around my age who were practically brothers. We never collaborated because all they wanted to draw was Kaazam fan art. No joke. They burned it later, too.

  4. The return of — NINJA THRASHER! Ahh… Ally Comix. ^_^

    Next time WE do a jam, I’d love to do the same thing — feature our “classic” characters. I’d be a kick!

    Thanks for the smile, bro. 🙂

    ~ Evan

  5. Side note… But I really hope you tour with Habibi. I’m having a hard time bribing people to get me your autograph at Stumptown and Portland is just too far a drive from Chicago, haha.

  6. It’s been a while since i have discovered your blog and i am, every time i come, quite delighted to find there a piece of your universe! Thanx for this and hurrah!! for this Salvation Army battle scenery! (but who won this battle?)

  7. No photos of the pee fight please when it does happen.
    Just want to add my praise for “Blankets”. I recently read it and stumbled onto your blog. Very interested to see what you have next.

  8. Craig: I met Phil 😉 and Ami last November at the Joe Sacco signing in the Twin Cities, and they were wonderful hosts at a time where I really needed it. I cannot thank them enough for the good fortune of meeting them at that time.

    I’ll see you in a couple of days 😉

  9. alright, i know this is waaaay off topic but i think you should go visit Wisconsin in the next few weeks because Johnny Depp is filming a movie there right now. (maybe you can meet each other and take pictures–hint hint). Anyway, i’m doing a project on Blanktes where i make a game board (11th grade). I can’t wait to present it, but i still have to write a paper to go along with it, which is why i’m still up. well. better get crackin!
    More Robot Egg!

  10. hey!!!!

    how are you?
    every time i come around, it looks like you are busy 😉

    regards to phil and ami (they are wonderful)

    ps. it’s only a possibility, but… i’m planning a trip to usa in october 🙂
    i’ll tell you

  11. Thanks for the blog updates, Mr Thompson.

    Looking at the jam comic images is really what I needed to keep me goin today, (inspiration and emotion-wise)


  12. I love that photo at the top; my sister and I have one single thing in common (dance) that when we do together, brings us together like nothing else…I love that all siblings seem to have some sort of similar connection.


  13. Don’t apologize–this blog reader, for one, found this post delightful. I’d love to see more Salvation Army Wars. 🙂

  14. I love Your work Yur drawing ability is great.. I am a frelance cartoonis who is curently developing a strip. Would love to talk with You about shop stuff, such as which pens Youuse paper ect. You can email me at thanks Nick

  15. This reminds me of the days when my best friend, Josh, and I used to draw epic G.I. Joe battles on giant sheets of graph paper in the school library. Those were good times. Of course, none of our doodles were as creative or clean as yours. Keep up the amazing work!

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