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  1. i can’t wait for this to come out

    man you have to write a post about how you do that incredibly elaborate ornamentation. it’s very different from the mechanical feel of chris ware’s circuit-diagram style, but still so precise!

    a big fan, from chicago

  2. dear craig,

    looks beautiful as ever. now that you’re working in a larger format, how do you digitize your artwork? (seems big for a traditional scanner). is that something the suits handle for you?

    all the best,

  3. Always come back here, and all always get impressed by your art, is not easy found someone with a personal world and your style…


  4. Craig, thanks once again for your gracious hospitality this past weekend in Portland, and for your friendship always. I had an amazing time last week and you should know that you have support from an endless number of quarters everywhere — the book is going to be great.

  5. Fantastic!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ I cannot wait till it’s finished and gets published in The Netherlands (though I will probably buy an English version..) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep it up!
    Much love,

  6. Wow, Craig. Thanks so much for making your process available to us. Watching make Habibi is so much like having a back stage pass, and it is both inspiring and intimidating. Thanks for letting us in!


  7. as amazing as it’s looking so far, i can’t help but notice that grip on the brush, same as the blog picture. it must contribute a great deal to arthritis and hand pain, clutching it like that. and of course, learning a new, more nimble way of holding it is probably way too late at this point. a pox on whomever never corrected that in the first place! hope it’s doing ok,


  8. that looks awesome. thit shot just gives you enough of the drawing to really show the complexity of the page.plus im also loving the surrounding borders around every page ive seen so far

  9. So I’ve basically decided to create a Craig Thompson inspired piece for this progression/sequential project at my high school illustration course. Living in New England, I wanted a snowy environment, and I’m sincerely afraid it will look too much like Blankets! But I told my teacher that I was going to use inda ink as my medium of choice for this project, and I’ve already sketched out the rough draft. Hope my little tribute does justice!

    Keep working; your art is so inspiring!!

  10. Your mastery of drawing gets better and better wich each new work!
    Those arabesque patterns you are drawing are amazing. Some of them are very intrincate and I guess you must have researched quite a bit about their complex geometry.

  11. Craig, I first met Blankets in a store two years ago. Only now I could finally read it! And I fell in love. Youร‚ยดre a great artist, and an inspiration!
    Hope we can talk more, now that I found your blog.
    Best wishes!

  12. Hey Craig! Once more, the work is phantasmagorical! I just want to say, I’m working on a graphic novel due soon for a company out in CA, and it is an inspiration to see the passion you have in your work. A lot of artists draw well, but the viewer cannot relate to the work, or it just doesn’t hit home, and to see the way you put elements of your life in your work is a breath of fresh ART. Thanks for the inspiration, man! I only hope to do the same!

  13. your novel “blankets” save part of my life… its a miracle that i had the opportunity to read it, here in Colombia its impossible to find and it comes to my hands in a very weird way… i think this happened because i really need a voice from an stranger who lived the same as me… thanks for drawing….

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