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Finally, the fourth chapter is finished.
It took six and a half months, but it’s over a hundred pages long — begun on October 20th, after returning from tour with Menomena — and completed on May 8th, a couple of weeks after Stumptown Comics Fest. In between, there were a handful of out-of-town guests, a couple of trips (including the Grammys), 3 weeks of nagging cold, 1 week of completely paralyzing flu, and one martial arts-induced drawing hand injury (I dropped out of the class). Here’s some peeks at some panels (still hesitant to reveal full pages) and photo proof that I do work (Thaïs snapped the first one, and Lark the second).



I’ll try to attend to comment/questions soon. In the meantime, Tita and other Netherlanders should know I won’t be at Stripdagen Haarlem this year. It seems they’re showing a documentary or something that includes embarrassing footage of me. As always, thank you all for your kind words. They really keep me going!

30 thoughts on “day & night

  1. It looks incredible! You’re gonna go down in comics history for this one, I reckon.

    I’ve noticed in the photos where you’re inking, that you don’t wear any gloves. Do you ever have problems with ink adhering to the paper where your hand has been?

  2. oh my god! i can’t wait for your next graphic novel to come out! i’m dying from all the freakin’ excitement.

    Keep up the good work Mr. Craig!

  3. If you tell me you draw all those buildings and columns only with small references by internet or something like that (and no real photos in the exact position you later draw) you will become my idol and I will arise you to sit near Will Eisner in my top of greatest comic artists (I have to tell you you are very close anyway). :D.

  4. Four months.. do you really think it’s a lot of time!?? With all the intrincate patterns and details in most panels I think most artists would need a lot more time! You are working quite hard and the results are impressive.

  5. i like to see someones skatches also cover the floor as mine under my table.

    i am waiting unpationately for that book and hope it will be published in czech also.

    sanding it from USA is so expensive.

    good luck with your work!

  6. I think the comments says everything, so i’m just gonna say, for me you are on top with Will Eisner already. I’m acctually writing “master” about graphic novels and “Blankets” especially. Maybe I will be trying to contact you by e-mail with some questions. Is it fine with you?

    greetings from Poland

  7. Hello Craig,
    Your cartoons are spectacular and your blog very funny. I’ve spent a very good time visiting it.
    By the way your physical appearance reminds me of a friend of university days with whom I don’t speak since a long time ago… Won’t be you living a second life?
    (A joke)
    Regards from Spain

  8. I just have to say that I recently discovered “Blankets” and devoured it over the weekend. I read a LOT and I haven’t come across a story in a VERY long time that made me completely unable to wait until I could get back to reading it. It’s not about MY life, but so much of it–growing up with brothers, first love, religious upbringing–rang so beautifully and painfully true.

    Absolutely MASTERFUL! Seriously, the story, the art… Wow. It’s a perfect gem. Instantly one of my all-time favorite reads in any genre… And I’m a picky guy about this sort of thing (just ask my wife). I NEVER gush like this! Thank you very much!

  9. Mr. Thompson –

    This looks quite fantastic indeed. I am currently reading Blankets. I read it then use it as my nightstand while I sleep. It is that thick. Tell Portland hello. I wouldn’t want it to stop missing me.


  10. This looks INCREDIBLE!!! I can’t wait to read this. And I agree with Sarah, the Arabic “Z” —-> trés clever.

  11. Very nice, you are the best, thanks to you i draw comic again.

    Regards from Spain. We are waiting your graphic novel.

  12. After wondering what you’d been up to and what you had coming out next I stumbled across a blurb about you on Mike Allred’s message board.

    MAN, such gorgeous stuff. Your flowing line work is sensational. I have to go read Chunky Rice, Blankets, and Carnete de Voyage over again.

    I look more forward than ever to seeing your new material.

    Matt in Arkansas

  13. You sir are amazing! I really want to see this book! The wait is killing everyone.

    Don’t be responsible for genocide now.

  14. Thank you for sharing these. I like seeing individual panels – you can concentrate on the art of it without feeling the need to read the plot. (Not that plot’s such a bad thing, either.)

    I’m glad I got to meet you at Stumptown. There are so many talented cartoonists in Portland, I feel lucky to be here.

  15. It is amazing to see how much your style has progressed! Such depth…and to think I thought it couldn’t get any better. I can see how much your trip to Morocco has influenced this book, the intricacies are astounding. In my opinion you are the best of the best. Waiting for Habibi is challenging, but the pieces you give us are so worthwhile. Keep up the phenomenal work!

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