old phone doodles


It seems a lot of artists prefer the drawings that come from their pens when they aren’t thinking or paying attention.

24 thoughts on “old phone doodles

  1. Those are awesome! You should put together a mini of your phone doodles or something!

    Lynda Barry has a couple of pages where she talks about phone doodling in her new book, What It Is. It’s a pretty awesome book…

  2. I agree. A book of your doodles would be some great material, I bet.

    I love those spooky guys on the bottom left, the silly frog and the girl on the linoleum floor.

  3. I wonder if the doddles are somehow related to the things you were talking about with your parents… 🙂

  4. Awesome. And creepy… all of them look worried or angry. If as Jordi said, those are related to your conversation with your parents, now they have something to worry about. :D.

  5. yes, that’s true. my best pictures apeared in my notebooks while i was supposed to listen lectures about history of theatre.

    i love that little frog. i like that “i don’t know how i appeared here” face.

  6. My teachers in school used to always take my sketchbook away. It was pretty unfair, because frankly drawing was way more fun that whatever I was supposed to be learning! Unfortunately now that I’m in college I feel the need to pay more attention in class, and as a result my art is suffering for sure.

    Someday I hope to ride a turtle.

  7. When I saw the bottom right characters I envisioned a Craig Thompson version of The Tortoise and the Hare 😀
    These are really fun to see!

    Unfortunately, I too had a teacher in high school that was constantly telling me to stop doodling. I feel doodling is very important.

  8. I had a lovely Swedish and history teacher (I’m Swedish) who didn’t only encurage me to doodle during his lessons (he said he used to do the same thing and that it helped him concentrate), but he doodled little drawings of whatever he was lecturing about on the white board himself. It worked on his lectures but in more boring classes it just prevented me from feeling guilty about not listening.
    And yeah, class or phone doodles tend to be great!

  9. Look seems kind, but sad too.. I think that it is a conversation with subsconscient mind…

    Thanks for share your work and experiencies..

  10. This is actually how the idea for the book I just sold came about– random idea that occurred and I begin taking notes on while on the phone. Sometimes it seems the best ideas show up when no one is paying attention.

  11. The phone doodles are REALLY GOOD!!! do u have more?!?!?!?! You should post them if you do! I have the Menomena CD and i love it! Your art work is amazing! Did you listen to the CD when you drew the cover Because the words that you wrote in places come from the songs…I love your art work!!!!

  12. it looks like you have created your own Alice in wonderlands, with its strange and lost creatures running for things they cannot get. Well… maybe it is just the rabbit that made me think of this!

  13. that’s hilarious. I can’t do that when I talk to my parents on the phone. They know the instant they lose my attention. I can’t wait to see habibi finished.

  14. I doodle incessantly in meetings, and my argument is that it engages my Right Brain while I work with my Left. But, yes, the imagination and quality of those doodles are so much better than when I sit down in an attempt to ‘direct’ my efforts.

  15. These are so amazing… The turtle on the lower right captivates me. I’d love to see where he’s taking his rider… Just re-reading Blankets for the 4th time and decided to check out your web site. I am not disappointed. Please keep up your marvelous work!

  16. I totally agree, every time I would cover one of those paper placemats at restaurants in art, I would ALWAYS have to take it home because it was the best stuff I had done all week. Doodles rock.

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