no c. con

Jacquelyn and a few others were curious if I was attending the big ol’ Comic-Con jamboree in San Diego in these upcoming days.
The answer is “nope”, but I will when HABIBI is finished (couple more years). And in the meantime, the organizers of the
Stumptown Comics Festival wanted me to note that they’ll be selling the t-shirt that adapts the poster design by Mike King
and myself, available at Shannon Wheeler’s booth (#2200). More later…


21 thoughts on “no c. con

  1. Oh, beautiful t-shirt! Same question as Hannah though. I’m in Greece, any chance for an eshop with international sales?

  2. Craig, you probably receive tons of questions about you and your work, so I´ll understand if you can´t answer mine, but I´m dying to know how you stay so focused on one single work for so many years. It took years for Blankets to be done and the same is happening to Habibi. I read Blankets from beginning to end and couldn´t notice one single signal of lack of focus and loss of quality, the book just flows as if it was done in one single day, it´s that impressive and I wish I knew how to do that. =)

  3. Craig, have you seen the watchmen episode one available for free at itunes store? what do you think of it? I’d like to know your opinion and point of view. cheers!

  4. The T-Shirt is lovely! I’d like to have one. so I’m absolutely for an international online-store! Or is there any way you could make the Stumptown Comics Fest-People update the Store on their website? 😉

  5. Hey Craig, my girlfriend always said i looked like you, i didn’t know how to take it, until i noticed how big a fan of yours she was. Now i take it as a compliment. As for me…. at first i was skeptical of your work, having never giving it a chance, but one day as my girlfriend was asleep, i grabbed her copy of Carnet De Voyage, and i realized, you are more down to earth than i ever imagined. I’m now a Craig fan myself. Good work, man. 🙂

  6. a couple more years? this book had better hold [the reader] at night and cook it breakfast in the ding-dong mornin’

    nice shirt.

  7. Where did you have that picture taken? Those flowers are lovely.

    Btw, I was at Diana’s Art History class when you came to talk. You’re not that bad of a public speaker as long as you have people distracting you with questions. Either way, thanks once again for coming. =D

  8. hey i just wanted to tell you i bought your travel book. I loved it! i can’t wait for Habibi. You are a huge inspiration to me as an aspiring comic book type gal. Keep on being awesome!

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