you still have some time

My longtime Wisconsin buddy & famous painter Dan Attoe and I are doing a talk at the Portland Art Museum
~ This Thursday, August 7, 6pm, 1219 SW Park. The museum is exhibiting some of Dan’s paintings and neon as part of
their Contemporary Northwest Art Awards show. They’re really sumptin’ to behold — Epic naturalistic landscapes
speckled with smaller vignettes and revelatory text. Dan might be hesitant to admit it, but they’ve much in
common with the beloved medium of comics. Difficult to capture in crappy photos and jpegs, but here’s a glimpse.

Anyways, Dan and I will be doodling live on stage and sharing scandalous stories of our shared upbringing as troubled rural youth.
I’ve got some embarrassing doozies to tell about Dan and you can be certain he’ll retaliate with shameful accounts of this
scrawny country lad awkwardly growing up in the agricultural heartland of Wisconsin. Here’s a link to a community college scholarship
trip we took in 1995. And here’s a photo of us from last September.

What am I showing him in my hand? Come to the talk and find out!

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  1. Years ago I was working in a library and came across some images of Dan Attoe’s work which really struck a chord with me. Since then I have moved twice and changed computers twice losing bookmarks and forgetting his name but not his work. Thanks so much for this post – That exhibit looks awesome!

  2. hi craig!
    it’s not too difficult for me to identify myself with your thoughts. i like the way you express. there’s a high density of emotions and philosophical aspects in your novels. hopefully you’re satisfied by your work and will have the strength to continue with it for some more stories. looking forward to it!
    greetings from switzerland.

    p.s. there’s this swiss comics festival called “” every march/april. it would be great to see some of your stuff in the exhibition there once. and meet you in person!

  3. Greetings cheesehead… I didnt know you had the Wisconsin connection as well. I even lived in Wausau for 3 years as a youth.

    How do you feel about Hodags?

    MK Guth and I want to do a fish fry maybe this September or October… as a kind of cultural exchange for those who have no idea what kind of quisine we grew up with.

  4. I wish I’d still live in Portland to see that ! But I live in France (which is great, BUT I miss Portland….)

    I just finished Blankets… And I felt in love !

    You’re doing a wonderful job ! Thank you for that !

    Tomorrow I’ll go get the others !!!

  5. Gosh, I meant to come but circumstances intervened. First Thursday in Portland gets pretty crazy, especially if you have a lot of artsy friends. I hope it went well! Tell Dan that my friend Joey is crazy about his artwork, and raved over the PAM show for fifteen minutes.

  6. Mr. Thompson, a friend conviced to tell you this: i have a Chuncky Rice vignette tattoo! its True! Please send me an email so i can show you a picture of that! thanks

  7. Hi Craig! Knew your work on McCloud’s book!
    Awesome drawing and inking. I’ll get BLANKETS as soon as my finances allows me, probably to say that you’re writing is as awesome as your drawing and inking.
    I’ll be back!
    Best wishes from Brasil

  8. That beach looks oh-so-suspiciously like Oswald West State Park…I escaped Pland for a breath of fresh air there this weekend!

  9. Ouh là, can’t believe how long it’s been since I last took a peep at your blog, and now I find so many things to read & gape at. So it’s another couple of years before Habibi is completed, this is long… I remember you saying something about your French publishers wanting to release it in several volumes – are they still on about it ? (sorry if the answer’s somewhere in your blog…)

  10. Hi Craig,
    I just finished Blankets. Brilliant!
    Strangely it went to grad school with Dan before he became an art star. His paintings then were very small and just as beautiful.
    small world.
    Keep up the good work!

  11. Hello! I got your book “Blankets” yesterday and I finished it in one night. The story was really touching (made me appreciate my sister a lot more) and I fell in love with the drawings instantly. Your style is really inspiring and I’m looking forward to getting your other novels. Keep up the good work 😀

  12. hi –

    What sort music do you listen too? I dunno why but when reading blankets I just kept thinking of Sufjan Stevens the whole time.
    Maybe there is something in common between Blankets and S.S. Hmm..

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