summer’s gonna turn into fall

Summers are always a bit chaotic, but I apologize for neglecting blog posting.
Here’s four steps towards a recent page of HABIBI. 1) rough pencils 2) refined pencils 3) half-inked 4) finished.

And below is recent documentation of my rural adventures visiting my sister in Nebraska — paired with an old doodle from my
sketchbooks, referenced from a National Geographic photograph perhaps? (let me know if you recognize it.)

Please note that I don’t wear a helmet while drawing or in everyday life.

18 thoughts on “summer’s gonna turn into fall

  1. hi craig!
    Thanks for keeping up with the blog, i find it really encouraging to read.
    I love your stuff, it never ceases to amaze me. Don’t ever give up!

  2. cool art. I wonder how you are reversing certain black parts to white (“I will provide for you” text) and if there’s any personal guideline for outlining shapes that are up against black areas before filling them in, to avoid messing them up.

  3. Hi Craig, are those pages pencilled and inked on the same page, or do you use copies or lightbox to ink on? I’m asking because on that third photo it looks like the pencil drawing is underneath the original page. Regardless, it looks stunning as usual. I cannot wait for this book.

  4. Hello Craig! I like your work very much. Especially the book Blankets it ‘s one of my favourites.. Real stories with deep emotions don’t come every day. P.S: A greek fan.

  5. thanx craig for showing us your steps. i like how you reversed the water (black) in step 4, from step 3 (intentional?).
    do you know paul pope? he’s a recent fave (don’t worry…you’re still ichiban)

    mark jaquette @
    illustrationISM &
    bammgraphics !

  6. I’ve noticed a few times that you draw the “actual” dialogue/image before the more…metaphorical? Symbolic? Is that just a coincidence, or is there a method to drawing the actual before the symbolic/metaphorical/your term here?


  7. i love the metaphor your using, so very graphic to show how sacrificing ourselves for the ones we love is not always a beautiful image, that sometimes that gift feels more like a burden to those who receive it. Can’t wait to see the context!

  8. Beautiful work as always! Thank you for letting us in on your works in progress. I always leave inspired to continue with my own work, and I’m repeatedly surprised to discover that you’re actually human!

  9. This new book looks really amazing. I’m always impressed by your high level of energy. To be able to compromise to create such long works is … well, I just can’t describe… I’ll just say I’m jelous ! :)))

  10. Hey Craig,

    I love seeing the process!

    I was wondering, do you ink directly onto the refined pencils? I usually have a hard time finding the balance between overworking the pencils (leaving grooves in the paper which affect the way I ink it), and keeping the pencils light while having enough detail to be confident with the inking.

    Your pencils seem to be very dark and refined, but the inked version looks so natural!

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