war party

As one would guess, none of the point&click photos capture the chaos that was Paintallica.
In retrospect, I wish I’d drawn a real-time carnet to document the rowdiness rather than pathetically slather cardboard with house paint.

Here’s a little review of the “pleasing mess”.

I don’t know how to describe things except as an extreme sports version of craft night. We worked with the theme “War Party”. 8pm until dawn for two nights. I felt pretty useless the first night as everyone buzzed about with 2x4s and powertools and strung cables between 30 foot pillars. But the second night I happily busied myself with cartoony details. There were no lights so we brought our own halogens making for eerie illumination (also strobes and smoke machines). There was also no bathroom so we peed (Dan pooped) in a five gallon pail. There was a lot of beer and spray paint fumes.

The new website Bill set up acknowledges the participants: Jesse, Dan, Gordon, Jamie, Cece, Shelby, Jeff, Bill, David, Jay, Greta, Jeremy, and Posie. My role was minor, but I was grateful to be along for the experience.

16 thoughts on “war party

  1. If I had the money laying around, I would SO hop on the next plane to Portland and check this out (I live in Detroit). It sounds like it’s going to be freaking amazing.

  2. Wow, how did I miss that you had a blog? I’ve visited doot doot garden sporadically over the years, trying to keep an eye out for the next story, but have managed to overlook the new link till now. I’ve just spent the past couple hours sifting through your entries, enjoying the insights to the older works and getting excited about your next book… oh, and laughing at your mustache.

    Your work always makes me wish I were more motivated as an artist/writer. Alas, I’m more suited to health care. I’ll leave the beautiful storytelling to you.

  3. Common! I’m sure that every one wants more shirtless pictures! hurry up with a new post…yeah yeah, and you’re books are great to! πŸ˜› hehehe,
    but that you already know

  4. jeez, i’d love to be there

    how was your summer?
    mine’s been a bic chaotic (lots of work, sick dad –he’s ok now–, no holidays, some kind of writing block…), but fun anyway

    october is almost here!

  5. Bonjour!! I’m french but i read Blankets and it moved me. I love the way you draw!!! ( My English is not perfect i hope you’ll understand) I went to the USA in a school few year ago in the Massachusetts and i ressented the same thing than in your comic.
    I wish you good luck for all your projects.

  6. Looks like a beautiful and fun mess!
    Blankets is amazing.
    Been following your blog, too.
    I wrote a bit more about Blankets in my blog.
    If you’re ever in NYC, give me a holler!
    Erin πŸ™‚

  7. yay — another birthday for us Virgos …
    I am a bit late, but my own “birthday present” wasn’t much fun – when I went to the doctor and found out a lump on my side is some kinda skin cancer … It looks like it can be cut away – but still – one heck of a fright —- Hope you had some better presents!! πŸ˜‰

  8. Craig!!! WOW! I am a fan of your work for a long time. You were always a big inspiration to me with art and comics…

    Always hoped to see you at comic-con but never do. And little did I know that for a time, across the street from my apartment, you were in that building “arting”.

    Whenever I took my dog out to potty, I wondered what was going on in there…Now I know!

    take care!

    – Emi

  9. Just finished reading Blankets, after picking it up after hearing about your work on CBC Radio One in Canada.
    You are a master story teller.
    Your narrative, coupled with your drawings, is something I have never encountered before. Very thought provoking work!!!
    I look forward to discovering all of your previous and upcoming work.

    A Canadian Fan.
    Ms. Jay

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