leaf through

Often I worry I draw too small and confined. Compare these recent panels with a brush, my hand, an autumn leaf.

19 thoughts on “leaf through

  1. Well, that is one huge leaf! You grow ’em big out there. Anyway, it’s all the more impressive, so much precise detail in a small space.

  2. I would love to see a comic sometime where the drawings were blown up in reproduction rather than reduced. I think that sometimes the loss of control that you have when dealing with teeny tiny little details can make a drawing look more organic.

  3. I don’t think it matters too much what size you work with. I’ve seen comics small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. But then again those were minicomics, and minicomics are different from graphic novels. But still! You can do whatever you want!

    Also, I can’t wait to read Habibi!

  4. The details you package in such small areas are remarkable. A really good print job will be necessary to do them justice.
    I guess it must be hard on your eyes, though, with your long workdays on the story.

  5. I tend to work really small, too. My right wrist and hand constantly cramp up, but I actually feel really uncomfortable working very big, like my muscles aren’t supposed to work that way.

  6. I never really noticed that! Your panels are always full of details as the guys and girls write above, and yet they never feel confined.

    And yep, that is one huge leaf 😀

  7. i prefer drawing in a small size.
    i think the result looks less ambitious (wich i like), but anyway it´s easyer to focus on what you want highlighted.
    gess really big panels are more suited for alex ross and travis charest kind of artist. other than that it´s not really needed, i think…

  8. I have to draw big. Everything just gets too cramped up for me if I draw small and it shows in the work.

    I’ve never worked in a graphic novel format before, I do illustration and animation but I was invited to contribute to Flight 6 and man! Can it ever be difficult to work in panels. But you get used to it. It took me about 5 spreads before I hit a stride.

    I salute you.

  9. I absolutely cannot wait for this. I spent my last semester in school studying Arabic and taking classes on Middle Eastern history. It looks like you’ve got some real magic going here. Good luck!

  10. Just found your blog – amazing stuff. Gonna dig through and enjoy it.

    I can’t imagine HOW you work that small – it boggles my mind. I made my panels larger just so I could work more comfortably. The smaller I work, the worse my drawings get. I think it’s quite a skill to work like that.

    And your brushwork is amazing.

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