number five is alive

After seven months, chapter five of HABIBI is finished. It’s 125 pages long (the entirety of Good-bye, Chunky Rice)
and brings the total page count up to 405 pages. The original art is filed away in portfolio sleeves. Here’s the stack thus far.

And here’s a glimpse inside each one of those portfolios.

I look foolishly smug in that self-timer photo, but really it’s just fatigue. The end of 2008 was frantic – working and
completing pages on both Christmas and New Year’s Day. Now I’m going to take a week off and visit friends in Oahu.
Happy New Year, Fans & Friends. Your comments, as always, are savored!

65 thoughts on “number five is alive

  1. Congratulations on your amazing work. I am looking forward to reading the final book in the future.

    Do you ever fear that something will happen to all those portfolios of artwork before you are done with the book? Do you have some one scan the art to back it up?

  2. i can’t wait to read this, sir, congrats on finishing (look at all those sketchbooks!!!). how many more chapters?
    i’ll have to buy many as gifts.
    your brushwork looks to be at the peak of its expressiveness.

  3. you´re looking like sherlock holmes in that picture…
    it must be really cool to be able to look back and see a pile of work well done. congrtulations! one day i´ll have mine too!

  4. Habibi looks fantastic. I am very sure that the hard work that you’ve put into this work is going to be well appreciated. I’m looking forward to reading this very, very much.
    And the picture —> real cool. You don’t look smug at all, just pensive.

  5. i love looking at your splash pages; i would consider them frame-able art.

    those Itoya books are quite costly. someone should invent a really thick hardback portfolio for artists like yourself.

  6. Congratulations, Craig Thompson! Habibi will be as beautiful as your other books, I am sure (and by the way, those books are never on my shelf – always lent out to people who love them too much to return them with due expedience).

    Have a fantastic vacation!

  7. I really appreciate the dedication you show to the craft and your work. You know and I know that you could get away with less. So MANY people do. So thanks, Craig, for making the best book possible.

  8. How tantalizing! Thanks for the glimpse into what is to come.

    I don’t know you so I don’t know your looks, but I don’t think you look smug or foolish in that photo. You look thoughtful.

    Have fun on your vacation!

  9. Habibi’s sure gonna make a thick book, are you sure you’re not going to have it published in two volumes?, because, as much as I enjoyed Blankets, my arm almost fell off, you know? (nothing compared to the last Absolute Sandman though)

    Anyway, I just don’t see the day we finally have the chance to read it, as creative guy as you are, are you thinking of anything ahead of this project? project-wise, I mean…

  10. I just wish you could serialize it in large sections. Like release it in three books (each still a few hundred pages), and then release the “Compleat Hibibi” in a giant deluxe package next year. That would be great.

  11. doing some long-overdue internet sleuthing / catch-up, for start of 2009.

    merry xmas and happy new year and much hugs from across town and/or too far away.

    -jon & megan & solveig & pascale (9 months old!)

  12. Get a fireproof safe and lock those babies up!… wow. Your output is very humbling to the rest of us Craig, and thanks for sticking with this wonderful medium. Your talent is inspiring.


  13. you consistently blow my mind.

    my copies are always lent out too (unfortunately just to one guy…), but i’ve promised blankets to like 10 other people (…over the year that he’s had it).

    when do you think habibi will… emerge? blossom? arouse? flourish? decant? be in my house?

  14. yeah, it looks amazing…
    I also shiver at the thought you might lose all that job in a fire or a water problem ( kurt cobain lost some demos tapes like that once;) …that’d be a great loss !
    Habibi looks like future reference for new artists that will come later on…there will be a BEFORE and a AFTER habibi, I think 😉
    keep up the pace
    have a great week off.


  15. I’m glad you finished. I can’t wait to see it on the shelves.
    And what a perfect way to spend time away from the snow.

    I hope you bring back tropical pictures.

  16. Happy New Year from Belgium, Craig!

    Thank you for working so feverishly on Habibi! We all can’t wait to read the new Craig Thompson 😉

    Enjoy your time off!

  17. No me lo creo¡¡¡que bien que este terminado. No puedo esperar a leerlo aunque ahora estoy con Blankets. Espero que no tarde en llegar a España. Ahora a disfrutar de las vacaciones¡¡

  18. Your Carnet De Voyage is the first Graphic novel (hope that is an appropriate term) that I have ever picked up, this was a few years ago. I truly enjoy your work, and find extremely inspiring! You have a natural flow that draws your reader in, and connect with them at the same time! I look forward to your future work, and thank you for opening up my world a bit more!

  19. Looking at that pile makes me shiver with the force of so much time and work concentrated in the same spot.

    And it’s a great shot!

    It makes me happy to know you’re working on this monster of a book and it will come out some day and I can read it. It truly does, and for some reason it gives me faith to do my own work.

    You’re probably the artist I care the most for, like a far away friend. It’s not usual for me, but I know that’s what you make people feel; a friend of mine feels the same for ya, and I put it down to your being so awesome and communicative with your art.

    I know you’re one artist I will follow my entire life and this makes me feel slightly less alone. Thank you for that.


  20. Craig, to be completely honest, bearing my soul and all…I draw a large amount of inspiration from you.

    You got me into comics with Blankets. Now I have a target to aim at. A goal? Sure. A greater purpose? Most certainly. That’s why posting the progress of Habibi is very important to me. I look up to you. You get me back to the drawing board.

  21. Craig, I just discovered your work and am really looking forward to reading Habibi – what an impressively ambitious project. I can’t wait to read it! I am a librarian in Dubai (originally from Wausau) and am looking forward to adding your books to our collection. Have you ever traveled to this region?

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