shark cage

Thanks as always for your outpouring of encouragement. Very motivating to return from vacation to so many comments!
As Kurt mentioned, there are still four more chapters to go, but the book is two/thirds finished, and now I’ve the energy to dive back into it.
In Oahu, I visited my French friends Laëtitia & Frédéric & their kids Samuel, Koupaïa & Alanis. You may remember them from CARNET DE VOYAGE.
Alanis is a new edition. And they’re currently living in the the non-continental United States.
Of all the activities I engaged in – surfing at Threes in Waikiki, bodyboarding at Makapu’u, snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, kayaking in Kaneohe Bay,
my favorite was a North Shore shark cage.
Fortunately, Frédéric had along an underwater camera to document these beautiful & haunting Galapagos Sharks.

16 thoughts on “shark cage

  1. Oh my God, are you brave 😀 Those bars in the cage look too wide for comfort (I mean, say a shark suddenly gets hungry and all….) Seriously, it must have been a great experience. And love the link with Blankets 🙂 Life imitates art imitates life!

  2. “Oh no! I’m surrounded by SHARKS!”

    I firmly believe in that theory if you write it down it will happen…sometime…eventually…whenever.

    President Obama needs you to finish “Habibi” ASAP. I believe you can single-handedly revive America’s struggling economy with your new work. Anyone who is willing to get in a cage to gaze at sharks can do ANYTHING.

  3. I remember last spring you said (regarding HABIBI) that you were more afraid of sharks than you were of terrorists… I love that you conquer your fears. You are a brave man, Craig Thompson (haha)! 😉 😀

  4. Ooo…new printing of Carnet de Voyage. I never got a copy for myself, only the one you so wonderfully inscribed for Shawna. Jake enjoyed the images of the desert. And he was admiring how you captured the reality of the desert now, camel juxtaposed against pipeline.

    Keep at it, we’ll love it whenever its done!

  5. I cannot wait for Habibi. Blankets happens to be my favorite book ever. I’ve reat it about 10 times and fall in love with it everytime I read it. Best of luck and can’t wait!!!

  6. Dear Craig,
    I just read ‘Blankets’ yesterday, all in one sweep, all in one night. It is a verys mart, honset, thougthful and most fo all important story. I am an actress and artist myself, right now I am having aproject finding plays to set up as an amatur show in school (I live in Sweden) and I wondered if I have the premission to use your story and make into a play?

    Please let me know, I would most. def use your guidelines.

    Best Regards, Cecilia

  7. Cool vacation! And great photos, too! Glad you came back refreshed 🙂 I hope very much to get my hands on Carnet de Voyage one day. Judging from its fragments, it must be one of the most amazing travel journals I’ve known!

  8. I can’t believe that I just found your blog today, compulsive browser that I am… Your books are some of my special all-time favorites. I was just browsing through your carnet a few minutes ago, where I saw the drawing of you with the wispy haircut, so it was funny to find it in a photo on your blog. It is one of my favorite qualities of your writing that you are willing to share the “embarrassing haircuts” of your past; we all have them and most of us destroy the evidence! If you like comments from fans, I’ll be writing here often!

  9. Invitation from Portugal

    Hello dear friend Craig Thompson

    My name is Paulo Monteiro and I’m de responsible for the International Comics Festival of Beja, organized by the Beja City Hall. We are now organizing the 5th edition (Beja is a little historical village in the South of Portugal).

    This year, the Festival will take place from 30 May to 14 June.

    This event shows some of the most relevant movements in contemporary Comics, bringing side by side young and aspiring authors with some of the most important comics artists of nowadays.

    Another important feature of the Festival is its parallel program, consisting of debates, workshops, book releases, drawing marathons, a book market, concerts, etc.

    In the lasts editions we have among us authors like George Pratt (United States), Muñoz & Sampayo (Argentina), David B. (France), Gipi (Italy), Dave McKean (England), Miguelanxo Prado (Spain), Ulf K. (Germany), Frantz Duchazeau (France), Lourenço Mutarelli (Brazil), etc. (just to mentioned same foreigners), an a lot of Portuguese authors.

    The Festival is a very informal event, with authors from all artistic tendencies. It’s considered one of the two major events concerning comics in Portugal.

    I’m writing to ask if you can give me your e-mail address, because I would like to make you an invitation.

    Can you do that? I will be very grateful…

    Warm regards

    Paulo Monteiro

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