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Seems like it was an amazing year to be at the Angoulême festival in France. A huge exhibition of presidents
Dupuy & Berberian’s work … plus Blutch won the Grand Prix! Three of the most inspiring/influential cartoonists in the universe.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t in attendance this year. Nipping the travel after my indulgent Hawaii escape to stay focused &
productive on Habibi. Here’s a photo of me vandalizing a page of Charles Berberian’s pencils in his Paris studio, 2005.

Revisit this posting to read more about my “euro influences”. And here’s some peeks on the newest chapter of HABIBI.

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  1. Very cool stuff Craig. Just discovered your blog and was excited to drop in and see how you were going with your latest after reading about it back in that old TCJ interview. It looks great and your work ethic is inspiring. I work in film/media, am teaching myself Photoshop, and face a long slog. It’s nice to see visual proof that hard work can attain exceptional results. Hope all is well with you.


  2. Dear Craig,

    After reading Blankets for the first time last fall (then Goodbye, Chunky Rice & Carnet de Voyage) I can say with confidence that you’ve been an inspiration to me in my art ever since! I am as excited for Habibi as everybody else, and every time I check your blog I’m curious to see what you have to say and show. Keep up your amazing work and thank you for staying true to yourself!

    Thank you,

  3. This is me noting, for the record, the deep gratitude I feel for the work you’ve dropped on us in the form of _Blankets_. Finished it this morning and the world already feels bigger and better.
    Much obliged,

  4. Lately, I’ve been getting all my non-comics friends to start reading graphic novels. I tell them to read your books, especially Carnet de Voyage. They love it!

    This book is looking lovely.

  5. Although some in congress seem to think that the arts are a frivolity, it seems clear in your work, and others’, that art feeds us and connects us in profound ways. Thanks for feeding us.

  6. Hi Craig,
    Very happy I found your blog… loved blankets and am in the middle of your european Carnet de Voyage (Un américain en balade :))
    Just love your drawings, so poetic, delicate, rich, beautiful…
    thank you so much !

  7. AHAHAHA. OMG THAT’S AWESOME. Bunnies bein’ tossed away~ By the way, you’re my new favoritest artist everrrr!! 😀 I am sooo getting hyped up for Habibi~ LOOOVE your work, keep it up !!

  8. Love seeing how your sketches become finished pages. Can’t wait for Habibi…These teasers are making me feel inpatient! But I know I will be better for waiting! 🙂

  9. Dear Craig,
    AHH I’m so nervous about commenting here, I hope I don’t embarrass myself!!

    I just wanted to let you know how happy and grateful and amazed I am that you exist! I first read Blankets and Good-Bye Chunky Rice during my sophomore year of high school, and they have been the most influential pieces of art and writing and love in my entire life ever since. I am now attending art school as an illustration major in the hopes that perhaps, someday, I will communicate a story that will inspire people to love better. Or a story that will at least make people smile, or laugh, or something!

    However, I am young and indecisive and plagued with debilitating confusion! So I have some questions:
    1. How did you decide to move to Portland? And (UNLESS IT IS A PERSONAL REASON, IN WHICH CASE AHH I’M SORRY) why?
    2. Was it easy to find a job there? Are there any good job/internship opportunities?
    3. Is Portland as awesome as I think it is?

    I know you’re probably super-intense-busy lately, and these are hard and laborious to answer, so if you can’t get to my questions, I’ll totally understand!! I just admire you a whole lot, and sometimes I wonder how people come to do such amazing things, so I thought I’d ask.
    In conclusion, I appreciate what you do so, so much, and I totally love you forever.


  10. just wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed carnets de voyage. it’s really inspiring to see how you create such beautiful images and experiences out of everyday things. (and how they might influence your stories). good luck.

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