great lakes luxury cruise

Fresh home from my midwest excursion. BIG THANKS to the librarians that made it to the panel and are fueling support for
graphic novels in the literary world, not to mention fighting on the frontlines of public confusion over the medium.

I’m restless to dig into work on the final chapters of HABIBI. In the meantime, here’s some treats I excavated from the ol’ cubby hole at my
parents’ house. Above: Congressman Dave Obey and Tom Cruise (yes) presenting an award to 16 year old me for a national high school art
. Below: decaying childhood art (approx. age 9) and a photo of my brother Phil and I with matching bowl haircuts.

28 thoughts on “great lakes luxury cruise

  1. the shirt! woah! and still this reaches ten different levels of awesome.

    it’s funny to see how similar you still look to the childhood you.

  2. Ah yes, the dreaded “bowl cut”. I was subjected to many during my preteen years — mostly at the hands of my folks. One clear memory was of a rare barbershop cut in which it was disclosed — not by myself — that I liked sideburns (it was the early seventies). What ensued was a bowl cut with extended symmetrical elements intended to suggest sideburns but in reality resembled Basset hound ear-like appendages.

    The hor-ror, the hor-ror.

  3. Oh. My. Gods! That’s hillarious! (Not that i’m surprised about the award or anything, but … erm… Wow).

    I wish we could see what piece won you that award, or at least a description (if you still remember)?

  4. ha ha the bowl cut, I think everyone had one of those hair cuts growing up. I know me and my brother had matching ones too.

    But yeah I’m also curious to see the winning artwork that result in you and tom cruise in a photo together.

  5. awww, I love the art from your childhood – so precious.

    the photo with you, the congressman and tom cruise is amazing! I’m dying to see the work you created for that competition.

  6. I was just playing with the title of the post in my head, because I could just not get what it referred to, and then I realized that “luxury cruise” kind of sounds like “Look, Suri Cruise!”, and my brain replied “Yes, in teensy, tiny pre-embryo form!”

  7. Wow, even when you were a KID your art was just fantastic… and I love the fact that you share stuff from when you were young. It’s rare that we get to see the evolution of an artist from the beginning to now.

  8. Now, this probably comes off as some sort of tupid/hillariously misinformed question, but I wondered for the past few days, so I thought I’d just ask:

    what is the small re-emerging symbol in BLANKETS, which is also on the very last page? I thought it was a stylized snowflake but the more I read I realise it’s also looing like wings (angels?), and is present in the quilt and elsewhere.

    I’m currenthly thinking about getting a tattoo, and apart from this guy: (who’s got many, MANY different meanings for me and somehow re-emerged at various parts of my life), I thought about that little ‘snowflake’ in Blankets…

  9. Your work is truly inspiring. I just finish reading Blankets, it’s amazing. When I finished reading it, I felt that you had reached the things you said in the last pages.Inspiring, for real. Cheers

  10. hey craig! im live in belo horizonte – MG – Brazil and i was very happy to know you come here. \o/ im carttonist, ilustrator and animator and your work is a great influence to me. sorry, my english is terrible T_T I hope I can talk to you or get an autograph in my edition of BLANKETS \o/

  11. Hi Craig! Nice to meet you (well, post to you). I’m Will. Love your work! I was given a copy of Carnet de Voyage at Christmas, opened it up and there was a drawing of a girl inside which really looked like my friend. I forgot about it for ages, then when I saw her next I told her about it, showed her the book, and apparently it is her! Her name is Karolin. She was as surprised as me! We went to Saint Martins, I think you drew her then. It’s a very very good likeness, that’s all I wanted to say! Keep up the good work! Will

  12. I remember when I thought to myself “Whoa…Tom Cruise is short!” Now my thought is “Wow…Tom Cruise is fruitcake.” And I completely agree with pan pan about who the most respected artist is!

    So sorry to have missed the visit home. We were elbow deep in a boat project and went to Chicago to get it off our hands. Hopefully we’ll see you next time!

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