november rain

Sorry about the blog neglect. November rain is falling; and I’m still working on rewrites. Embarrassed that I have nothing new to show.
Here’s the desktop today, my waterlogged jack-o’-lantern, and a reference doodle from the sketchbook.

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  1. Craig, your drawings are always such a beautiful experience. Its really refreshing to see your drawings, so thanks for posting ’em and letting us know what’s going on in your world.

    I really dig the digital elements you’ve attached to your ink drawings (i.e. the coloring and toned patterns). They look really great together—so great that they’ve kept all of our attention for years and left us to helplessly and anxiously wait for Habibi 🙂

    Love what you do.

  2. Hi, craig…

    i am a new fan, just wandering around my favorite place, the library…and, decided to go down a different row…ended up in “art-cartoon” aisle.

    I read you book blankets..i didn’t know what to expect…but, i now expect it wasn’t an “accident”…
    what can i say?
    you have talent, yes. and insight, yes. but, you also have a gift…
    I still can’t figure out..are you now a Chistian, or not…if not, that makes me sad for you and me, too.
    Why is it so easy to fall away from our childhood faith? why?
    I want to fall back into mine, but can’t quite get there(too much schoolin’, i reckon)

    ok. so, thanks for sharing your stuff, i don’t know if i’ll be reading your new thing, Habibi…please don’t judge me for saying so.
    (i do hope you are still a follower of Christ’s…and, I will pray that you are and do..God bless you, Craig)

    Sincerely, Catherine

  3. Hello Craig.
    We don’t know each other but I couldn’t help dropping you a line.
    I just finished the German edition of your book “Blankets”. I must say I fully regret the fact of coming so late to its acquaintance — 6 years after publishing. It is indeed a f**** wonderful book, extremely human and sincere!
    Well… nothing else to say, just wanted to let you know — the wonders of internet!
    Looking forward to the upcoming book!

  4. I think that anything you post can be considered new, anyways. And besides that, your fans won’t mind in the slightest.

  5. Hi Craig. Love the jack-o-lantern 🙂
    Needless to say, love the sketches too. Can’t wait to hold and read “Habibi” 🙂 Keep going!

  6. Dear Mr. Thompson,

    First of all sorry about any English spelling or grammatical error. I’m from Brazil, more specifically Belo Horizonte, city of FIQ. Besides the fact that English is a obstacle to express my thoughts, I’m trying hard to put in words my feelings about your book. Blankets (Retalhos) touched me so deeply as Dostoievsky or Guimarães Rosa (the best Brazilian writer, in my opinion). I don’t know why… Maybe I was susceptible to absolve the text, maybe I was needing something different in graphic novels… The fact is that your book has the most beautiful sequences, textual or graphical, I’ve ever read. While I was reading (in 2 days, or 1 night and 1 morning… I couldn’t stop) I even dreamed with your graphical Thompson and Raina. The feelings are so real and so deeply explored that I have impression that you’re talking directly to me, as if BLANKETS was a mirror, and the story was about the most sincere love that I feel about my little girl. I can’t find words (in English or Portuguese) to describe how important your book is…simply a master piece. All this praise and flattery (sorry, but I wrote as I think you usually write: with my heart in the point of pen) has a motive: I really want to say thank you. Few books changed, and made a new perception of the world around me, so substantial as yours. Every book we read change something inside us, but BLANKETS still echoing inside me. I must say : Thank you Craig Thompson! If every story can be told, we must know how to tell them (and you made it gracefully) Thank you from deep of my heart!

    P.S.: I was very anxious about seeing you in FIQ! I keep my RETALHOS (autographed) as a trophy and the 2 minutes conversation in there was awesome.

    P.S.2: I waiting and counting the days (besides there is no certain day) for Habibi release! The art is fantastic.

  7. Hope you’re doing well! I dig your jack o’lantern, waterlogged as it was.

    Love looking at your blog. Even stuff I’ve already looked it is still fascinating.

    Came across your work in the Dark Horse “Scatterbrained” anthology and had to letcha know how great your cartoony stuff is. Such great movement!


    Matt Strawbridge
    Jonesboro, Ar

  8. Hi Craig,
    Thanks for the virtual visit to Aaron’s class Monday. I really liked Blankets & Carnet and look forward to reading more. I’m sure Blankets is especially important and inspiring to people who are trying to grow out of a fundamentalist childhood. I love the way you honestly presented that challenge.
    The drop of pee scene was incredible! – so funny and real.

  9. Craig,
    Don’t feel bad about the blog or embarrassed about being demonstratively quantitative! YIKES… Instead, keep the achingly beautiful movement of your lines just so and draw your characters with love and compassion – we can’t ask for more I don’t think. Peace and love (and patience)! We’re keeping the faith…

  10. Hello mr. Craig, I’m Fernanda, from Chile and I’ve been following your blog since I read Blankets, and I’ve got to say that you’re one of my biggest inspirations in my art and Blankets signified something very important for me in my life. I’m writing you because I would like to send you a gift, one of the flipbooks I do from my animations…just because you’re my favorite arrtist 🙂 I hope it’s something you’ll like. So please if you could give me your adress for me to write to you? my email is

    PD: Omg, I can belive you were in brazil 🙁 so close and so far at the same time, come to Chile sometime, it’s a great turistic place where you probably could create an amazing and bizarre “cuaderno de viaje” hahaha, it’s very weird out here really.

  11. Hello Craig,
    First of all thank you very much for your work and all the emotions you create to your readers ! Everything is beautifull, sensitive and intelligent. I am french and I run a gallery in Paris specialised in original comic strip art. With my associate, we work with famous drawers : Mattotti, McKean, Munoz, Schuitten … We would be very happy and proud to make an exhibition of your works ! If you are interested just contact me.
    Thanks and best regards

  12. OMG! You came to Brazil and I couldn’t go to Belo Horizonte!
    But that’s ok… internet helps us.
    I just wanted to say how much I like your work and that I’m very happy with Blankets’ publication in Brazil (which I read twice – one in English and other in Portuguese).
    I hope you continue being the great artist you are.

  13. I can’t wait for your latest work! Just wanted to let you know that I will be eternally inked with the image of Merle sometime in the near future & I also wanted to know if you were recently in New York state? I believe I saw you/your doppleganger.

  14. Hi Craig,
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you actually read these posts?!

    My brother introduced me to Blankets when it first came out. He’s a writer on Dexter and I tend to heed his suggestions when it comes to books.
    I have to say that I honestly thought you were writing about me and my family. I attended many, many youth group camps and met many, many boys who ventured out to my parents house. I have several adopted siblings who have various special needs.
    Needless to say, I was touched by your work. I’m really looking forward to seeing more from you.
    Thanks for your talent in both drawing and written words.

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