december first

… is the date, and I’m extra grateful to be drawing final pages again after five months of rewrites!
Thank you, blog-readers, for all your patience and encouragement. Here’s a glimpse at the first page on the drawing board since June 28th.

Since then, the last three chapters have went through some dramatic overhauls. Now to DRAW them!

(Thanks, also, to the ONION and PASTE (delicious combo) for including BLANKETS on their best-of lists.)

30 thoughts on “december first

  1. Welcome back, Craig! 😛 These drawings are beautiful. I guess I never noticed your lamp before—do you usually work with the other lights off? Seems like a good way to focus…

    These drawings and compositions are just incredible and it’s inspiring to know that you are dedicated, putting years and years into a quality story. I love it. Thank you.

  2. Hi Craig! great to hear from you again! i was almost a month since your last entry, but we can see that you have been working hard!
    Congratulations! i can’t wait to see more!

  3. Wow. Your drawings are breath-taking. I have read Blankets, Good-bye chunky rice, and Carnet De Voyage. I enjoyed them all. I will admit that I did not enjoy your drawing style in Good-bye Chunky Rice as much as Blankets and Carnet De Voyage. I could relate more to the human/more realistic aspects of the novel. I am very excited for Habibi. Currently, I am working on a project about your works for my graphic novels class. Good luck on finishing Habibi, and I hope your hand is okay. =]

  4. Is the top/left sheet in the first picture cover art? It is beautiful! It’s also deeply satisfying to be able to see glimpses of your work as it progresses. Thank you for posting.

  5. its so beautiful!!!!!:) you create the most beutiful things!
    you are my favored.

    and why cant wi see a pic of raina?!? we want raina!

  6. maybe it’s the day – rain here and cold, maybe it’s the satisfaction I get imagining I am one of the first humans to lay eyes on the visual feast that is your gift to the world, but I cried when I saw the latest. beautiful; hauntingly beautiful . . .

  7. Hope you are happy with the re-writes. I know how I can get frustrated with a story and how liberating a different ending can be. Looking forward to when the book comes out.

  8. Hiya,
    I’m a long term blog follower, eagerly anticipating the new book!! Hope it is soon!
    Beautiful drawings as usual – you are a big inspiration to me.

    Thank you
    🙂 Ktc.

  9. Excuse my self-indulgence … I must say that I like the Onion list much better. Paste still has a lot of superhero junk on the list. BUT I absolutely agree on the #1 pick on both lists. Congrats to Blankets! I’m also happy that Onion’s choices are more international, including that Norwegian cartoonist Jason.

  10. Hey Craig
    I am such a big fan of Blankets. I wanted to take this opportunity to write you a fan letter. ever since i bought your book 4 years ago,I find myself opening it up every few weeks– and i find something new in it every time. Your work is truly an inspiration. I just found this blog today and i thank you for posting all those “making of” goodies up there.

  11. Congratulation for your work that i’ve just discoveres this days. i’ve got a question (excuse me myy english, i’m french!!). Where did you find the “blue stuff” on your pencil?

  12. Hi Craig, just wanted to say that I’m waiting anxiously for Habibi to come out, knowing, of course, that the wait will be worth it. (Sadly I couldn’t go to Beja to get my copy of Blankets signed…)

  13. Hi Criag,
    I always read your blog and today I,ve decided to write something. J’adoooooooooore tes dessins! I’ve been reading comic books since I can remember (toujours en français) and I’m a huge fan. I have all your books, and I CAN’T WAIT for Habibi. Wallah! 🙂 Actually, I’m a Canadian from a french canadian mother and morrocan father. I LOVED your Carnet de voyage, it reminded me of my travels in Morroco. Anyways, I basically wanted to tell you that your arabic calligraphy is awesome! I love to include it in my artistic projects, I’ve recently put it on a cake for Eid Al-Adha.
    Anyways, good work, keep it up!
    Et si jamais tu viens au Canada, plus précisément à Ottawa, tu peux être sûr que je vais aller te voir!!

  14. Hi, Craig, here’s Bira the brazilian cartoonist that interviewd you in the FIQ!
    How are you?
    Man, it was so nice to have met you. My daughter was in Belo Horizonte with my wife, and she cried when I told her that you would arrive after her travelling back home, but when I came back to Campinas city, her smiley eyes were great when she saw your signing for her in the Book.
    I wanted to tell you that when you asked me if I would be your interviewer and I said “no”, it was because Erico Assis was invited to do that, as he declined, I was invited in the last minutes.
    And it was a so great pleasure.
    What were the french cartoonists names you said you liked?
    I’ve written an article about the FIQ and your presence. But, sorry it´s in portuguese…
    But I’d like to say that the people loved your talking and your art!
    Best regards from Brazil

  15. I love the details and ink lines! Amazing!
    Can I ask you something? How can I find this brush support? Well, I don’t know how to call it… This blue “sponged” brush support. Can I buy it on art stores or is it your creation?


  16. I’ve been having to constantly recycle through all your novels, just to keep me just above starving for Habibi, it looks beautiful. Are you doing any more book signings in Chicago any time soon?

  17. Have you seen Mr. Justin Cherry’s work?

    Your two styles seem very different, but the sensitivity towards life and spirituality and technical excellence make me connect you two in my head.

    His content may seem nihilistic, but I’ve been following him for a long time (8 years) and everything he does seems to be a search for deeper meaning in compassion.

    I’d like to see you two talk to eachother.

    Please visit his website!
    I love you both!

    You’re my hero!


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