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Just to assure Jennifer and my other blog-readers, I do read all the posts, even if I am lame about responding… Your support
has meant so much to me this year – endless thanks! Fabien and Tatiana, the blue “brush grip” is a simple pencil cushion purchased
at any art supply shop. No signings (including Chicago, Emerson) planned for the next half a year. Chapter seven pages are accumulating!

The new German BLANKETS has just been released from Carslen, and is hands-down the the most fancy-schmancy production of any edition.
Hardcover, super deluxe paper, stamped logo, bookmark ribbon, and a delicate lacing of spot varnish ornamentation.
Look how it stacks up next to a standard version of the book.

For domestic fans, I’m currently working on redesigns of BLANKETS and CARNET – including hardcovers – to be released summer 2010 by Top Shelf.

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  1. The german edition does look beautiful. I’d grab it if I spoke any German. And to bad about the book signings. Thanks for the updates!

  2. the ribbon gives it a biblical feel, i think it suits it in a strange way. and the gloss stuff is very strokebale.

    my blankets is a little worn, like a well loved bear, and i fear its pages are trying to liberate themselves! i would like one of these new ones when it comes out.

    7 is a lucky number x

  3. Ack!
    I just popped in to see if you had a new post…you said my name! Crazy!

    Nice to know you read the posts…makes it all so much more personal.

    Just came back from the Rosie Thomas Christmas show…I know she just came back from a show in Portland…did you catch it?

  4. Lucky German folks! absolutely beautiful. I patiently await my copy of a hardcover Blankets/Carnet now…! and hooray for the formation of chapter 7, steady does it, Craig! 🙂

  5. I have the Spanish edition, but I’ll buy the new english one for sure. Push the editors to make such a nice edition as the German one!

  6. I bought the german book a few days ago and i am very happy about this nice comic. For me it so great like Maus and Persepolis. Thanks for this great Story!

  7. héhé, chouette travail, c’est toujours plaisant de venir visiter ce blog ! Les encrages et crayonnés sont toujours intéressants a observer ! Bonne continuation – a french

  8. Hi Craig,

    I’ve always wondered about the symbolism of Blankets. What is the origin of the symbol on the back of every “Blankets” edition and just about EVERYWHERE throughout the entire book??? Please, it kills me to not know…

    By the way, I’m German, but I’ed always go for the original language. On the other hand, Blankets might be worth two editions after all! =)

  9. Fantastic!
    I’m an avid reader of the blog, haven’t responded yet, but I love these different versions, luckly I do read a bit German – being neighbours and all – but I can’t wait for the deluxe versions in English 😉
    Sorry to hear about the signings – Ive never had the chance to experience that, wish I would because graphic novels are a true passion of mine, and I would love to meet the hands and faces behind them.
    Thanx for the great work – including this bog!!

  10. Hey Graig, I guess I’ll just drop my praises and admiration off here with the rest of them I suppose.

    I bought Blankets a few days ago as an early Christmas present. I’ve been looking forward to buying it since I read the synopsis. I finished it that day then I read it again yesterday. And re-read Ecclesiastes. My girlfriend just finished reading it today and told me she cried.

    Never have I connected so much with any of the graphic novels I’ve read. I’m an amateur comic artist. I’ve been a fundamentalist Christian all my life. I’m in love with a “non-believer.” I’m at a so-called crossroads in my so-called faith. I stared at the part where Jesus’ painting turns away from you, weeping; I ached with empathy (as with the “counting sheep” edit).

    It would mean so much to me if I could discuss some of these things with you. Otherwise, it means enough for me just to let you know how special your work is — delivered to me at just the time I needed it most.

    All this to say: Looking forward to Habibi. Holy Cow.

  11. damn you! now i’ll have to buy a new copy of both 🙂 that hardcover is beautiful! hopefully you’ll get to do some signings in the distant future and i’ll finally get to meet you. love your work and i hope everything is going along swimmingly with habibi!

  12. jeez, what an edition!
    it’s amazing

    have a merry, merry christmas and a better new year!!!!!

    congrats about chapter 7, by the way 😉

  13. Last week I was haveing a few pints with your german editor Michael. He is a good friend of mine. BUT he didn`t told me about this wonderful edition of Blankets! Luckily enough – I haven`t got a german version yet. Only the original. So hopefully I will soon lay my hand on this beauty here!
    All the best! And Merry Christmas!

  14. I’m sort of hoping to see a movie adaptation of Blankets so this wonderful book could reach more people and change a few minds, esp. those who dismiss comics, thanks to all the over-the-top juvenile junk out there. Your book would be as great a movie as Ghost World, Persepolis and anything by Miyazaki. But then I’m afraid Hollywood would dumb it down for box office gains and hire some stupid director. Oh well, just some wishful thinking… Bonne journée!

  15. Oh, movie adaption would be so cool :D! If it would be a good movie, of course. if it would be one of that shitty movies I would just.. I dunno what would I do, nothing seems cruel enough..

  16. hey Craig,
    just came round to say wow!! blankets is possibly the best graphic novel I have ever read. I bought a few copies as christmas presents for some friends.

    really wish you would come say hello to us in the uk. i would travel miles to shake your hand and possibly get my copy of blankets signed 8).

    and if you can spare the time.Give the guys from tracker a big hug from me. we where the trees and static are both my top played songs on itunes with 102 plays each.

    really looking forward to habibi


  17. Wow, I guess I’m pretty lucky to speak german…
    Until now I only own the “normal” Softcover Edition, but I think I’m gonna get this beautiful edition as a christmas present for myself… 🙂

  18. Ha, this makes me happy to be german. Sadly enough, I insist on reading books/comics in english (or french), so it’s 50/50, but I think I’ll get it for the nice design. 🙂

    Merry christmas and a happy new year to you, and I hope that winter/christmas depression (way too common with us lucky western bastards) keep their hands away from you.

  19. Just wanted to add another “yeah!!!” to the movie adaptation wish 🙂 It would be awesome (as said, in the hands of a good director who would respect it and not change it around).

  20. film would be a bit tricky. animation done in the style of the comic,like the persopolis moviedone with some amazing voicework and music would be awesome

  21. I think that movie would be great, not animation, movie. Because Blankets are such a, you know, HUMAN graphic novel, that a movie, maybe something in style of Amelie, would be wonderful.

  22. They will cast Robert Pattinson as Craig. And he will SPARKLE.

    And oddly enough, it will not be half as terrifying as the photo of the real Craig shaking hands with Tom Cruise. I’m telling you, Craig may not have realized it at the time, but he barely escaped with his life!

  23. Just wanted to say your work is amazing. Blankets really hit me hard and I try to get every one I know to read it.

    I am struggling to make my first mini-comic and I find it very challenging. My hat is off to you.

    Thanks for pouring your heart out in ink for the world to see.

  24. hello,

    I was hoping you could help or maybe pass this onto Craig Thompson.

    Blankets is my favorite novel, I’ve read it over and over again. It got me through some tough times as a teenager.

    I am from Leeds, UK. I have been a aspiring filmmaker since I was a little boy. At 20 I decided to go to college to learn better techniques. I am now in my final year of a degree course and I’m about to undertake the biggest project to date. My tutors think this could be my calling card if I fulfill what I’m capable of.

    I’ve been thinking of ideas, and going over some old material. I have always thought a film of Blankets would be amazing, then I thought maybe I could take a section of it and adapt it for a short film.

    Would that be something you would allow?

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    James Wall

  25. Oh wow, you’re the guy who wrote Blankets! I picked that one up on a holiday in the US (and coincidentally got a shipped version for christmas as well, which sort of was a problem considering I already have one) and absolutely loved it.

    So no other interesting comments from me than just the notion that it’s nice to have a face and an internet persona to a book I enjoyed *grin* Job well done! Looking forward to reading more by you, make sure it gets shipped to the Netherlands!

  26. Helloooo Craig!
    I just wanted to say that it is always a pleasure to read your blog. I have it bookmarked and check it regularly, waiting for the occasional sketch or update on what you’re doing. It encourages me to keep up with my artwork whenever I see your insanely detailed and beautiful pieces.
    I always read the comments on here and I kept telling myself that I would never write one because it seems like everyone else always says the same thing as me, but better. However, this time I had the urge.
    I am very excited for the hardcover version of Blankets. It’s my favorite book EVER and it’s what made me realize that writing comics wasn’t a complete waste of time.
    Also, because you read these comments I feel I should warn you that I was looking for a better way to contact you than this blog and in an act of desperation, I wrote your publishers 🙂 Brett Warnock wrote me back and said he would forward my email to you, so if you get it I would really appreciate any kind of reply, even if it’s just to tell me that you are too busy to talk to me.
    And wow, I just realized how long this is. I’ll stop talking now. Thanks for being AWESOME!

  27. Very happy to see your updates, despite your being ultra-productive and all! On this first morning of 2010 I wish you a great year ahead! Greetings from rainy Bandung, Indonesia.

  28. Hi! I just wrote a review of Blankets for my blog and I hope you don’t mind that I included a few pictures from the novel. If not, I can of course take them down.

    I also just wanted to say that Blankets really moved me. It made me cry and I read it twice in one night because I thought it was so perfect. I really can’t explain to you how it made me feel, but I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful experience.

  29. I am a huge supporter of your talent, Craig! I come back to your site often to check for updates and get excited as your work gets built up.

    Rome wasn’t built in a day. 🙂

    You are a wonderful inspiration, man. I’m from the Philippines – and the extent of admiration for your work reaches until this cluster of islands. And to 20 year old college students!

  30. Blankets has been a long-time favorite of mine. I shelved it as my staff pick at the bookstore I work at, and have been happy to see people thumbing through it, considering it, then plunking down the cash for it. Folks mostly come in for travel guides, so it’s great to see them try a different type of book that can “carry them away.”

  31. A friend lent me the Norwegian edition of “Blankets” the other day; I stayed up all night reading. Your storytelling is great! I love the way you deal with memories: beautiful, sensual and poignant.

  32. Hi,
    I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful graphic novel. I don’t know how many times I’ve read it, but every time I do, I feel like I discover something new. You have inspired me to look at a lot of things with new eyes, and to appriciate the small miracles in life. Thank you so much for making this.

  33. I ahve just finished blankets, for the first time… I am speechless. Thank you for a beautiful story with beautiful art. Do you ever sell any of the prints of the graphics?

  34. hi,
    I’m from Bloomsburg University. I’m doing this for a professor. We just finished reading “Blankets.” I really enjoyed your book. I think the book means life isn’t always what you want it to be. What should I as a reader get out of this book?

  35. Craig,
    First and foremost, I wanted to tell you that I am 21 years old and recently became a fan of graphic novels and comics because of a Comics as Literature class offered at my university. Your work, Blankets, was a required text, and although I always loathe reading “required” material; however, I found myself in mystified by your work, both the novel and individual panels within the novel. Halfway through the novel I realized why I enjoyed this novel so much – it is a reflection of issues I am/have been dealing with in my life. I believe the things that captivated me the most was how well the images on the page narrated as much or more than words ever could.
    With all of this being said, I did have some questions that were laying on my mind. My class delves into very philosophical discussions about all of our texts. We cover topics that range from mortality to the existence of God to the foundation of politics to philosophy itself. One thing that really weighed on me was that so many people tried to pick two or three instances of “blankets” from your book to discuss, but I found too many to even begin to discuss, and the beautiful thing was how well some were hidden by how deep and meaningful they were, and some were so simple that many overlooked them in their reading of the text. I have read the novel three times in the past month, and can’t put it down. I keep finding more and more. My first question: Did you mean to have so many examples of “blankets” within your story when you set out to write/draw it, or was it after you viewed the final product you realized that “Blankets” would be a fitting title? Second, I have found myself so emotionally attached to the relationship between the main character and Raina, mostly because I have a hauntingly similar situation in my life at the present. Was it easy for you to capture such beautiful, personal moments in drawing, or were these parts more complex for you? There were some page-sized drawings of Raina that chilled me to the core because of how beautiful they were, and I had to stop and ask myself how you could capture moments in drawing that would take drawn out pages of a regular book to attempt to capture. Finally, your imagination is brilliant, and I love how you weave your imagination into these realistic events in your story. I feel that others may have allowed their imaginative side to outweigh the more realistic side, which I feel would have taken away from the text, however you accomplish a magnificent blend of both. Was it hard to determine how far to go with the blending of imagination and more realistic images?
    Thank you so much for your time, and thank you for such a beautiful piece of artwork. Every time I pick the novel up, I find myself falling in love with another page. There is too much to observe with just a single reading…even four or five. You have truly accomplished something that many masterpieces of literature fail to do for me – you have honestly captured the emotions of the human heart – and that isn’t a feat I have seen anyone accomplish before. Bravo.

  36. Helo, Craig, First of all, sorry my english, I am an estudent. I am from Brasil and I´ve done finish to read “Blankets”. I Liked too much, and very sorry because my question. It´s personal: Do you meet Raina again in your life? You became friends? or no? I hope that you don´t matter my question.
    So… congratulations, it is a beautiful book, a beautiful graphic novel. Thank´s a lot.

  37. Hello Craig,
    I’ve just finished “blankets” and I must say that this is one of the most poetic and moving books I’ve ever read (and I’m not only talking about comics here). Congratulations to a masterpiece that not only leaves me deeply moved but also curious about the further life of all caracters. So please…Someday…
    And by the way. The german edition is really nice. Many thanks from Germany!!

  38. I love elaborate hard cover editions, although they make you get a bit possessive, like you value the paper more than the literature and the drawings. I am in no way disrespecting though ;), it kind of looks as if it could be the super cool, ultra-muscley big brother of the normal version :).

  39. Thank you for “Blankets”! I have just finished the Danish version (“En dyne af sne”) this morning and I am awfully tired here at my office in Copenhagen because I simply couldnt let it go (also, I was almost late for an important meeting with one of our clients….wuops…) “Blankets” touched me in kind of the same way as Jason : “Vent litt” I wonder if you know that one and if there is an English version (I suppose you dont read Norwegian…:) ),P6_CS:41605,BF6E14CB5FE69725

  40. That is a very gorgeous and sophisticated version, hope a similar edition for the English version is coming up soon.

  41. I just wanted to thank-you so much for writing this book!
    I have never read anything that so closely parallels my experience with American Christianity, and then deeper with a sincere personal experience of the Bible and whatever god is, which then results in sincerely moving beyond all of that.
    The disillusionment with group experience (yes!), the horrid hypocrisy of many Christian teen-agers, the constant push to sacrifice, endless self-questioning, praying, praying, praying, Ecclesiastes, being spotted by pastors who encourage you to go into the ministry, the refuge from family life in spirituality…
    I was so upset with the way the relationship with Raina ended, and then I remembered how I dropped all my classes the night before beginning college, because “God” didn’t want me to pursue worldly knowledge. Hey, I’ve even been to a personal book-burning that my dad did.
    My mother got a sudden conviction about “images” (2nd commandment) when I was 9 and made me stop drawing…
    It’s been 9 or 10 years since I’ve been “in church”… and dealt with my community completely cutting me off. This book brought up a lot for me that I really have succeeded in forgetting but maybe still need to deal with.

    One thing: I would love to hear more about your journey (to enlightenment? out of Bibilical brainwashing?) I was disappointed with how quickly that happened in the book. I’m sure there was a longer process for you, which perhaps wouldn’t appeal to a larger audience.

    It’s just so encouraging to know that there are other people out there with a similar experience to mine: I have yet to meet one. My dear partner and son, who I love so much and am so happy to raise without any religion, have absolutely no idea what it’s been like.
    Once again: thank-you so much. I’m sure it took a lot of courage to tell your story, especially knowing your parents and family would read it.

  42. Dear Craig,
    I’ve tried in the past to come up with a succinct message conveying all the emotion and gratitude I feel for you having brought this book into the world. But it seems that anything I see as adequate in that respect is not succinct, and anything of reasonable length couldn’t possibly express everything I had to say about your beautiful work. I just hope you know how many lives you have touched – and that the impact has not merely been quantitative, but that the people who have been moved by this book have been moved deeply and abidingly. Thank you for sharing your story with us, and for sharing it bravely and honestly. That’s what makes it resonate.

  43. Craig, blankets was amazing. I’d like to thank you for writing/illustrating and publishing it. The biggest question i’m dying to know is what is the meaning of the symbol you put throughout the book? I feel like it’s a mandala symbol but i’d like to know exactly why you placed it where you did and what it means to you? thank you so much!

  44. Hello Craig,

    I’ve humbly ran into your book at the local Borders next to the college campus where I’m currently studying to be a graphic designer; but I’m hoping that it’ll take me even further into the world of graphic novels and illustration. I was so eager to rush over to the bookstore after class in order to finish one of the most thought-provoking reads ever. It was amazing to see that there is an artist out there who has gone through similar lived experiences while growing up in the church. As much as I felt dedicated to attending church and being social among my Christian peers, it was somewhat hard for me to “fit in”, for lack of better words.

    Just when I felt so distant from my own church home I read your book and it just reassured me that it’s just natural to question faith and to not be afraid of sharing your talents. I sincerely believe that they are gifts we choose to accept; and art is what helps us understand the human condition.

    All in all I want to thank you for sharing your book with the rest of us who have been going through difficult struggles with our own spirituality. And to remind us that we are not all perfect, but it should not hinder us from doing great feats.

    Gracias y God bless.

  45. I just finished this book and i can’t get the feeling out of my head. BRILIANT. thank you so much for writing this and putting it out to the world. i love how depressed this made me. im gonna go by more of your work.

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