Just as Kirk mentioned, I’ll be doing an “artist demo” at the Portland Art Museum on June 19th, 2-4pm.
It’s all part of the museum’s summer-long exhibition of Robert Crumb’s Illustrated GENESIS. For those in town, I’ll be drawing live
and projected while simultaneously giving a talk. For those out of town, do pick up a copy of Crumb’s amazing adaptation
if you haven’t already. Here’s a couple of comparative panels of the deluge.

PS — work on Habibi is progressing well. Happy summer, everyone!

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  1. Oh, I agree Renee K, I live in the UK. It’s too bad Craig’s an American artist for me. 🙂

    Btw, Robert Crumb’s genesis is awesome, unlike alot of his earliar stuff I feel. Craig’s Noah panels are really cool also, can’t wait for new Habibi.

    Oh and happy summer Craig. 🙂

  2. While I dearly adore Crumb’s depictions, you seem to put the reader IN the terrifying moment with the fluid ‘movement’ of your linework and composition Craig. Crumb’s work conveys more like looking at photographs of an event ‘passed’. Both great in different ways.


  3. I second the Maine idea; better yet, how about Vermont? I taught excerpts from Crumb’s Genesis this year to supplement Watchmen and to provide background for Dante’s Inferno. It is f-ing amazing. Glad to hear there’s forward motion on Habibi – can’t wait!!

  4. Ohhhhh Craig.
    My friend just directed me to a youtube video of you working on borders for Habibi…Hooooly crap.
    I totally get the whole detail oriented/obsessive/meditative aspect of doing something like that, but you totally took it to another level. The pages look amazing. I’m REALLY excited to see it in print.

  5. I am SO checking out this YouTube video. Thanks, SatAmrit!

    It looks like I’m just going to have to move to Portland to get in on all of this comic action. The music is supposed to be great out there, too, I hear.

  6. yes! i’ve got Crumb’s Genesis, though i haven’t had time to absorb it yet. it’s times like these though that make me wish i lived on the upper west coast.

    alos, i can’t wait for Habibi.

  7. Hello Craig

    My name is Pedro Marcelino, I chatted with you in the FIQ in 2009 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and gave you the comic “The Wizard of Cosme Velho – Biography of Machado de Assis.” I also talked with you about your experience with religion, said it was similar to mine, remember me?

    Very good their work! When it comes to graphic novell Habib? Already have some forecasting? And when you come back to Brazil?

  8. i was looking for a way to contact you craig, like an e-mail or something. but i figured you might check these comments out so ill write a brief thing here:

    i just finished blankets today. i ended my 1 year relationship with my ex a week ago.

    somehow you managed to live a similar life to me and i am only 20 years old.

    i was raised catholic as as i grew saw the condridictions and ridiculousness in the church.

    i have a little brother and my relatoinship and memoris with him mirror your own.

    and raina. jesus christ man. my relationship (with the exception of yours lasting 2 weeks) was so spot on with mine with my ex. wow, every detail, even giving me a young picture of herself, literally making be a blanket, the arms length during the day (sometimes) and the needing and wanting of each other. visint her and her mom on break. oh man im rambling, i just needed you to know how much this book has mean to me.

    thank yo so much,

    nic collins

  9. I was spellbound by your presentation yesterday at PAM. A truly unique experience. I congratulate you on your willingness to participate in such a rare event. I thank you for your positive and pleasant interaction with your audience.

  10. the america loves biblical themes
    i think to Metallica or end of times movies
    there’s always a relationship with the infinite

  11. I have been a longtime follower of this blog. Was on a long road trip all the way from Virginia and drove through Portland last night. I randomly decided to stop through and check out the Portland Art Museum, and was completely surprised that I had missed your demo by about 40 minutes.

  12. Thank you again for the fantastic presentation! I’ve been reading your SIGNED books and really really enjoying them!
    [My childhood best friend who lives in France is super jealous I got to meet you!]

    All the best.

  13. Hi Craig — Once again, thanks for coming out to the museum. Our next demo is with Nicole Georges. Should be a lot of fun!

  14. Craig,

    I have one of the posters with your artwork for the Neil Gaiman, The Guardian Angel Tour. “Neil, the Last Anggel”, Oct 16 at the VIC, CHicago. It was poroduced by Top Shelf Productions. I would like to be able to send it to you for signature, along withg a postaghe prepaid, sled-addressed envelope for its return.

    Michael C. Phifer

  15. I just read blankets, it was so romantic and reminded me of my first boyfriend that ended sadly. I have so many questions!! Like did you ever try to see Raina again? I live in a small town in kansas and want to be a graphic novelist! I wish you the best…do you have a facebook?

  16. i recently read blankets and really connected with the story specially the baby sitter part sadly I to was in a situation like that but this book really helps with how I feel about religion and everything I read it when I was really sad and it actually brought up my mood and I was able to go out. I have questions about phil and raina and what ever happens to their characters? how did you and phil over come that trauma? do you ever meet raina again? and your sister isn’t mentioned in the book, to personal I know and do you have the quilt? how have ben and laura grown to be and what about raina and her neice? oh these questions haunt me I really enjoyed the book I wanna be a detective for abuse and this really helped

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