crossover event of the summer

“BLOG WAR” might not be the best title. More like a “blog crossover”. Brazilian cartoonist Fábio Moon is visiting Portland, and we’ll try to
document some of our activities in a back-and-forth dialog between the two blogs — blending our sketches, inking each others’ drawings, etc.
Yesterday, after consuming much coffee, we attended the in-store album debut for Menomena MINES. Our evening continues at Fábio’s blog… HERE.

13 thoughts on “crossover event of the summer

  1. cool!!
    glad to see new drawings of you… while waiting for “habibi”
    tell the people at astiberri (spain) to hurry up!!!
    and hurry up yourself too!!!
    (just kidding… take your time and give us a good job)
    thank you

  2. Perfect the Fábio Moon caricature! 😀

    Wow! Time pass so fast! it’s almost one year I’ve seen u, Moon and Gabriel Bá at FIQ 2009 Belo Horizonte…

    Hi Crag, here I’m one more time, Moises from Brazil. I finally read Blankets. I was reading the books to do the exame/test to get in the college, so only now I had time to read… Do u remenber that day I said that I’ll write u after read Blankets to say how it was? so I’m fulfilling my promise. 🙂

    I’VE LOVED THE BOOK! Congratulations for a so emotive history. It’s really amazing!

    I could see myself many times in it. I’ve grown in a cristian family as well. We used to go in a baptist church for many years, and I’ve expirienced many situations that u have, and I have many points of vision and ideas like u. I’ve too felt in love with a special girl because of church as u, and as u one more time ended so quickly. We have many things in common, don’t we?

    Well now the book is even more special to me, it`s great!

    When are u coming back Brazil? We’re wating for it!

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