the final countdown!

“Anxious” and “DjD” were the first to excavate HABIBI’s release date, even before it was known to me.
I confirmed with Pantheon that SEPTEMBER 20th, 2011 will indeed be the official debut day. THAT’S EXACTLY EIGHT MONTHS FROM TODAY.
Sounds like forever, I know, but fellow authors assure me this is how the book world operates, and that autumn is prime time.
I’m simply happy the debut lands one day before my 36th birthday. (Speaking of… happy birthday to JD and KB today!)

The book will be $29.95 — 672 b&w pages — clothbound hardcover with stamped gold foil, and look something like the mock-up above. On the
right are a handful of cover ideas that didn’t make the cut. Thank you ALL for your New Year’s greetings and your continued patience in this
long, drawn-out process. Thank you for not giving up on me after so many years. Looking forward to meeting and catching up on the upcoming tour.

89 thoughts on “the final countdown!

  1. the design is so beautiful. Very much looking forward to reading this.
    September will be a good month…it seems so far away now. Now you can get a little rest, from what i’ve seen on here, you’ve been working very hard, a much deserved rest indeed. Can hardly wait…

  2. Obrigado meu amigo, see you soon running Spain and Portugal. Here we love your work, and (with 8 months anticipation) Parabems pelos 36!!!

  3. WOW. That is one gorgeous looking book! You must be so proud! I’m looking forward to its release & can’t wait to get my own copy.

    (You and my brother share a birthday, although he’s a few years younger than you. I might just have to get him a copy of this book as a present!)

  4. Wonderful!!!!! I love the cover! I seriously cannot wait to read it!
    Did you know Blankets is out of print in the UK? That’s what they told me at Foyles on Tottenham Court Road in London. I asked if they knew when they would get Habibi and they said 8th of September….hmm maybe they got it wrong?

    ps. Also really like the first and middle cover from the top left. 🙂

  5. I cam honestly say I’m ridiculously excited to read duh a labour of love. So what’s next Craig? Some time off obviously, it may be ridiculously premature but have you plans for another monstrous 600 page behemoth? Or something a little less gargantuan? maybe war and peace needs a page-for-page graphic novel representation?

  6. Wow, that’s a very low price for such a nice looking big hardcover!
    Eight months, yeah, it’s long but I’ve been waiting for this for years, so I can take it. 🙂

  7. So gorgeous!!! I really can’t wait!! Looks like I’m actually going to spend my summer pacing around, waiting for fall to come!!!

    Congratulations Craig!

  8. It’s not too long at all indeed, in fact, it’s great to have extra dreams ! Looking forward to the release and you have some time off now in the meantime. what an incredible feat

  9. Craigger,

    My birthday is 8 days after yours, and I will be enjoying it reading Habibi. Many congrats my wonderful friend!

    Wayne and Sandy

  10. So excited to finally be able to buy this book! I’ve been waiting, buying up everything else you’ve done that I can get my hands on.

    Best graphic novelist and amazing writer!


  11. I am living without health insurance this year, so I do hope my way-older-than-you self will still be intact and alive on September 20th. Thank you for sharing the making of Habibi with those of us who visit your blog; I think it will add an extra dimension to our appreciation of the finished copy when we finally hold it in our hands. Here’s to stellar reviews and endless kudos and happy, awestruck fans!

  12. Wow… Your announcement certainly had an impact, Craig! Not two days later, the Comics Code falls. Impressive 😀

  13. Yay! You mentioned me! No, seriously, I can’t wait till the book comes out. It’s obvious you’ve been working really hard on it. Now, tell us what you have planned for after Habibi.

  14. September sounds so nice, something to look forward at the end of the summer. I loved the mockup with the cover. Please stop by in Madison, WI. Congratulations!

  15. Hey Craig!
    I’m so exites about your new graphic-novel. Thank you!
    I hope, I’ll haven’t waiting tooo long for the german-translation??!
    Greets from Germany

  16. Hi Craig:
    First of all telling you that I deeply admire you as a cartoonist and that after over 30 years reading comics american and european, i think Blankets is the best graphic novel ever written, better than Maus, Hugo Pratt´s or Jimmy Corrigan and I look forward Habibi excitedly.
    But I have to tell you something and may be i have waited too long and this is not the appropriate place. You committed several errors in Chapter IX of Blankets. The author of the book of Cohelet (Ecclesiastes mistranslated) is not Salomon, that’s just a very common literary fiction at that time, but it is anonymous. Interspersed passages are not added to ease the pessimistic tone. Only the known conclusion attributed to a disciple that is what keeps the book in the Canon. The book is after the exile, the third century is probably the most likely date. And finally, I think it was more reasonable to lose faith in your teacher that in your beliefs. I could tell you some more about how you “use ” the Bible in some Protestant communities, but I think it would be too much.
    Thank you very much and forgive my impertinence.
    Paco. Will we see you in Spain?

  17. YES!!!YES!!! the wait it’s over. i hope you’ll come to Italy to a promotional tour Craig, i could kill in order to meet you, Blankets just changed my life

  18. You really nailed the cover! It’s got that religious look to it but it’s still warm and inviting. And congratulations on having a legit release date!

  19. Oh Craig, it’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to lay my hands on those pages. Hopefully, it’ll reach the Philippine bookstores few months after the release date or else I might have to buy it online and have it shipped to my doorstep. I’m super excited!!!

  20. I’m SOOo excited!
    btw: Daytripper was released around here yesterday … bought a copy to pass the time, thanks for pointing me towards Moon and Bá

  21. Hi, I just came across your website for the first time, and I’m thrilled to see the images of your new book. Blankets holds a special place in my heart — it made me wish I had written it, which is really the greatest compliment I can give. There were so many subtleties that I loved, such as the posture Craig has while sitting alone in his room, dwelling on Raina and silently begging to hear from her. When I’m really honest with myself, I realize that I understand every single thing he’s thinking and feeling at that point, along with many others. I always felt a vague sense of shame for reacting that way, but seeing that same behavior on the page, in the context of the rest of the novel, struck a very personal chord with me. I immediately went out and bought Goodbye, Chunky Rice, and was awed by that same sense of shame for feelings that seem so juvenile being transformed into something beautiful and artistic.

    I’ll be waiting for Habibi on day one of its publication, and I’ve never done that with any book before. I’m sure it will be amazing.

  22. Fantastic! I read Blankets a couple of years ago and Chunky-Rice just recently and I’m taken by your skill of thematic storytelling. I’ve trying to spread the knowledge about Blankets here in Finland (by mouth and blog) and actually I managed to get my hometown library to add it to their collection. Keep up the brilliant work!

  23. wouaaaah great news !

    Do you already have news/contact for a french translation ? Can we also expect it for this end of the year? again at Casterman as published house ?
    thanks, Gaël

  24. omg that is wonderful news! we can’t wait to get our hands on copies here in the philippines 🙂 in fact, we might just march on over to one of the bookstores here to “reserve” and ask them to order in our copies early! cant wait for september! im sure this will be awesome! 😀

  25. Been looking forward to this for so long! I’ve checked this site once every few months for the past… jeez, Two? Three? FOUR years since it was announced? So excited to see it finished and know that I’ll be reading it relatively soon.

  26. (In reference to #80, I wish I loved in Brazil, too.)

    This is very good news. I’ve been checking your blog sporadically for years! Congrats on finishing and good luck on the tour.

  27. From reading these comments, I know that you get incredible praise from people that truly appreciate your work.

    Personally, I would like to thank you for your artwork and the effect it has on my life. My dad gave me Blankets when I was 17, and I was blown away by your blatant honesty and gift for story telling.

    Habibi appears to be the work of great effort and greater dedication. I yearn to hold it in my hands.

    thank you

  28. Absolutely gorgeous design, like a comic version of the ‘bible’ (or Q’uran). Looking forward to its release, hello birthday present! Thank you!

  29. Finally was able to read Habibi and wow, congrats Craig.

    We met way back in San Diego, when we promoting books, and I was blown away then by your storytelling and continue to be now. Thank you for another beautiful piece of work.

    Till your next masterpiece.



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