paint brush hill

Fresh home from China, An amazing experience impossible to sum up in a handful of images. I didn’t do as much drawing as I’d like,
but I was inspired by exhibits at Shanghai Art Museum (including the cartoons of Hua Junwu and scrolls of Hsu Wen-jung), the outdoor “opera”
Impression Lijiang directed by Zhang Yimou, and most of all by the old men who practice calligraphy with water every day in the park.

Personal highlight was bamboo rafting near Yangshuo. I slipped while moving the raft over some rocks and sprained my wrist (why I quit skate-
boarding) and was looked after by a group of coworkers/friends traveling from Guangzhou. Thanks, guys, for the tandem bike ride and amazing feast.
And thanks most of all to S & J for making the trip happen.

13 thoughts on “paint brush hill

  1. Welcome home! What a beautiful and inspiring trip! Are you thinking of using east Asia as a setting in the future?

  2. That rafting looks like so much fun—and what a beautiful place to do it!

    Thanks for posting the photos of the men’s calligraphy and sharing your drawings. Man, I’m so stoked for Habibi.

    I’m gonna check out the artists you mentioned. Thanks!

  3. That must have been an awesome experience! Seeing a different culture can change the way we see things dramatically!
    Can wait to see what’s this next project about.

  4. Glad you enjoyed it here in China! The Shanghai museum and Yangshuo (and Yunnan in general) have been some of my favorite places in my time living here as well. But really I’ve seen so many incredible temples, mountains, statues, calligraphy, scrolls, chops, etc. that I can’t truly pick. Hope the wrist is back to normal.

  5. OMG! That`s so cool!
    Did you go to Lijiang too? I went and loved the city!
    I am going to post about my travel in my blog soon… I wanted to draw more than I did but now I have the photos as reference!

  6. Hi!
    I love the attention for the written word – or sign, or line, … even if it evaporates; the beauty of concentration in a constantly sprinting society. I hope you enjoyed it! Thanx for the shots; another thing ‘to do’ 🙂

  7. amazing! must have been so inspiring to be there, I’d love to sometime as well.

    And that is such a good idea that they practice with water on the stones, endless practice and…very economical as well. Saves so much paper 🙂 haha

  8. Nooooo !!! I didn’t know you were in China last year ! I live in Hangzhou, close to Shanghai. Damn, i lost my chance to get my copy of Blankets signed, and to ask you a 1000 of questions. Hope you liked China

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