backyard blankets

The new editions of BLANKETS are here in time for San Diego Comic Con (in stores in August). The hardcover is the exact same dimensions as
HABIBI so they’ll mesh nicely on bookshelves. Check the stamped gold foil and spotgloss. They both have fancy smyth-sewn bindings to sprawl
open in the sunny backyard. And that’s the trifold poster lounging with them. Hope you all are enjoying the summer. Thanks for checking in!

29 thoughts on “backyard blankets

  1. Wow, Craig!!! Beautiful. I’m going to have to buy the Blankets too, which will let my well-loved/dog-eared copy retire. 😉 Can’t wait to see them up close!

  2. Inta that trifold, and always in favor of foil stamps! I’ve been thinking about revisiting a project with a similar visual game to the poster:

    (Sorry to toot my own horn as a “long time/first” time, as they’d say on sports radio. I really am into this, and especially excited to read the new book.)

  3. Those look exceedingly handsome. Are you still going on a Habibi tour following its release? Please come to Austin, TX!!!

  4. I want all of those. @_@ Any chance for more contests on facebook to probably get the preview of habibi or maybe even the trifold poster? =P

  5. can you pls print more of those tri-fold posters, and have them with you when you go on tour?

    i’d really love to buy one

  6. Looking great…eagerly waiting for Habibi…. Blankets is one of my fav… sure Habibi will be even better… cheers and all the best. 🙂

  7. Truly beautiful. I’m so anxious to get my copy of Habibi. I hope to meet you and have you autograph my collection in October in Seattle!

  8. My eyes just glossed over. My copy of Blankets has shown it’s wear from years of passing it onto friends. I can’t wait to purchase these too books and indulge myself in some of the best story telling I’ve come across.

  9. Amazing! Very nice designs for these hardcovers, I can’t wait to read Habibi and to re-read Blankets! Hope both of these will be available soon in the UK or in NL. 🙂

  10. Hey! This is fantastic! I just can’t wait to read blankets again. And Habibi looks really beautiful. I just want september to come. Here in Brazil it will take so long to be published… I thinK I’ll order it!! Congratulations Craig.

  11. Blankets is my favourite graphic novel ever and stumbling onto news of a hardcover edition this evening has absolutely ignited me.

    Not only within the instant ordering, of knowing that Habibi is the end of the month [ordered as well], but within the shimmer of how much the memory of reading Blankets affected me, both within the now and the sheer soul sweep of that very first time.

    Thank you for your hard work and craft, Sir. Really so excited and genuinely moved.

  12. Craig, I was very inspired by your presentation yesterday in Toronto’s underground cinema and even more so with your new book Habibi! Its a masterpiece from cover to cover and definitely one of the best graphic novels of all time; the art, the subject matter and your courageous and successful attempt to blend the Abrahamic faiths is simply amazing! I’m especially moved as I’m about to venture into creating my own graphic novel series; Jinn Warriors! In a month I’ll be living in Indonesia to overlook rendering of my first book and as promised you’ll be the first to see it and if willing, leave your mark on it 🙂 See link for a sneak peek. Thank you again for being and inspiration when there is none around me!

  13. CRAIG!!! Will you ever come to Southamerica? I live in Bolivia, and it’s very difficult to get your books here. Congratulations for your job, u r great…

  14. What happened to the girl (you called her Raina in the book) after you broke up? Never saw her reaction to the breakup in ‘Blankets’… do you still keep in contact with her? It seemed like the love-story finished suddenly after getting the reader so emotionally involved, and kind of jumped to talking about life after moving out of home… without tying up the story of you and Raina

  15. I am a student taking and independent study about graphic novels and Blankets was one of my first assignments. This includes commenting on your blog. After reading the book I wondered…I feel like throughout the book you portray yourself as less..elegant? than Raina, who has more realistic eyes and always is seen with flowing hair. Did you do this on purpose? Have you seen this in your own work? And why did you chose to draw the symbol of your publisher throughout many of the pages? Is it a sign of gratitude or something else?

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