thank you chunks

Cleaning out the drawing studio in preparation for book tour, I excavated copies of thank you cards drawn for four cartoonists who endorsed
the first edition of GOOD-BYE, CHUNKY RICE way back in 1999. Can you identify those authors and/or scenes mashed up from their own work?

17 thoughts on “thank you chunks

  1. I love the first one; definatle a reminder of he going on about Moby Dick!!

    The second one reminds me of all the graphic novels about sailors such as Far Arden by Kevin Cannon or Poor Sailor By Sammy Harkham.

    I have no idea of number three, but the fourth one makes me think of Jordan Crane (something like Below Dark Water), but I could be biased 🙂

  2. Craig, to seguindo seu blog a pouco tempo, comecei logo depois que li “Retalho”, queria dizer que achei essa uma boa historia, cheguei a me emocionar, e se um dia eu tiver condições quero ler seus outros livros parabens!

  3. Beautiful. Definitely need another fantastical journey from you. Would love another story set in the same universe as Chunky.

  4. the first is Jeff Smith, the second Eddie Campbell, three is Charles Burns, I think (the little dolls and such hanging in the tree in Black Hole).. the fourth is more difficult. Paul Grist maybe?

  5. Hi!

    This might seem a tiny bit strange, but I’m going to ask anyway:
    Do you go/ have you gone to an art school? If so, which one? What did you major (+minor?) in? Is/was it worth it? Would you say that going to art school was a major part of your development as an artist?
    I’m asking as a young person with a strong desire to draw magnificent stories. My skills, however, fall short of what is needed to put them on paper. I feel as though a structured and supervised approach to my learning and practice (read: a teacherly kick in the ass) might help me to close the gap faster and more efficiently than I can on my own. I was hoping to get a bunch of second opinions, however, seeing as most accredited art schools are incredibly expensive.

    I realize it is odd and maybe even intrusive for a complete stranger like me to be asking you for advice, so I understand if you want to ignore this.

    Thank you for your time,

  6. If I had to guess on the fourth one…it looks like a panel from From Hell. So that could be either Eddie Campbell or Alan Moore…?

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