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My apologies, Blog Friends, for neglecting DOOT DOOT GARDEN while on euro tour
– especially to my French Fans who are curious about events in Paris.

In fact, there’s no dedicacés scheduled in Paris where I’ve spent the past week. This came as a surprise to me, too,
but the reason is the Casterman edition of HABIBI is being released more than a month later than expected.
It debuts in stores on mecredi, 26 octobre, the day I leave Paris for Turin, Italy.

My time instead has been filled up with plenty of media interiviews – PLENTY –
so at least you may hear about the book on TV, radio, web, or print.

The good news is I’ll be back in France for Angoulême (janvier 2012) and will probably visit Paris and other French cities at that time.
ALSO NOTE: London and UK appearances will precede Angoulême in earlier January. More soon! xo

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  1. Oh, gosh. You poor guy. I’ve been listening to your interviews about your media tour for Blankets and how time-consuming and extensive it was—I have a feeling that the Habibi tour is a much hardier tour. Hopefully you’re still getting in some time for swimming, sketching and hiking. If you happen to make it out to Utah, you have a place to stay and mountains to climb.

  2. I sure hope you’ll stop by Toulouse once again. I loved your drawings of it in your Carnet de Voyages, I’d love to see you perform your art !

  3. Shucks. Enjoy your last days in Paris and come back soon. It did seem strange that you’d be here before the release date… I’ll be in the bookstore tomorrow nonetheless.

  4. Hi Craig, both my partner and I have been fans of your work for sometime. We both own the signed editions of Habibi purchase via forbidden planet. It was the only way we could own a signed copy. I was wondering is there anyway we could both get a copy of Blankets signed as we live in Liverpool in the UK and have no chance of getting to one of your signing abroad ? Is there any chance good sir? For the left out fans ? Love / happiness…
    Steven x.x.

  5. Hello craig … Habibi today in a Barnes and Noble. I do own Carnet. Wow awesome work but from a very dark place!! A little creepy and kinda apocalyptic …I felt. I love your humor so much. It always comes through. Like to see you explore that side a little bro.————-brett

  6. Hi Mr. Thompson,(thaks for this blog)

    During the last weeks I have been reading “Habibi”, and…it’s really a big work, full of things that in this strange times we need to understand, to dream or maybe only for not forgeting what means love, I feel that the peoples diferences made us a little better persons.
    Thank so much you for this experience.

  7. Hi Craig, I write from Italy and I wanted to send my sincere congratulations.I read Blankets (which I loved) and now finally also Habibi, a monumental work, beautiful and moving.The wait has been amply rewarded.Thank you

  8. we met in Turin, (I am the girl who asked the question :)) I read habibi, I say just one word: WOW. The presenter had reason is as exciting as blankets. I was very pleased to meet you, I put some pictures on my blog and wrote a review of the evening, but to understand it would take a translator, google translate? Or the old lady of Turin XD I’m sorry for my bad English, see you soon! Veci 🙂

  9. CT is busy signing in Belgium this week: Brussels (2nd and 5th), Gent (4th), Antwerp (3rd and 6th). We feel so lucky, glad to have you here. Habibi has had some fair amount of publicity (although not as much as Tintin 😉 ), and people are really getting to know your work here. But in the end, this book sells itself of course. THX for signing the book and adding up to my drawing. M

  10. I’m french and I buy today HABIBI. i’m finishing to read it and… Whoa the best book i read since a long time maybe since Blankets.
    This is an revelation. thanks
    ( and sorry for my English)

  11. Dear Craig, it was wonderful meeting you in Lucca, it really has been an unexpected gift for me. I’m that kind of person who takes great pleasure in the unexpected. Hope you’re having fun in your tour, and if you ever come by Padova, Venice or even Naples you’ll have another friend (of many) waiting for you.

  12. Thank you so very much for visiting my home town Ghent!
    The talk was great – I hope you know we are not all that presumptuous as the interviewer 😐
    Thank you for the beautiful drawings; and I truely wish you all the luck with the rest of the tour.
    And off course with any other drawing plans!! Thumbs up for Baudoin!

  13. I live in Pakistan. Just managed to get my copy of Habibi (had to buy it “under the table”, so to speak, the clandestine nature of the transaction making this book all the more precious to me)… I have to say, I think it’s going to take me ages to get through it. I can’t help but pause and stare at each page – and sometimes I find myself getting greedy and skimming through to find a random page to study. I’ve never come across a graphic novel of such haunting beauty. You’ve really paid such an inspired and thoughtful homage to Islamic mythology and art (and I’m noticing some specific Western references too). I’m already staggered and I’ve barely begun. Your work is incredible and I wish you the best of luck from the depths of my being.

  14. Dear Craig,

    I’m an English teacher and I’m thinking of using your new book “Habibi” for a novel study in my class. Could you please tell which age group this novel is appropriate for?

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