thousand and one thank yous

Grateful to finally be home to Portland where a dear friend made this gift:

Big thanks to all of you who attended the HABIBI events. And thank you to everyone who’s supporting the book.

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  1. I finished reading Habibi just an hour ago and I loved it, just as I loved Blankets but in a different way πŸ™‚
    Every time I read a novel of yours I feel like I get to know you a little.
    I hope someday I could attend to an event of yours and that I could buy one of your drawings! I’d also love to speak with you. (I live in Panama (the country) and I don’t think you’ll be coming here anytime soon haha)
    In any case, thank YOU for your amazing stories and your amazing messages, as well as your amazing artwork, which I’ll always use as inspiration for my own art.
    With ??,

  2. Every single page and every single panel of Habibi is an breathtaking artwork itself. Unfortunately I couldn’t attent to the “Frankfurter Buchmesse”, but I finished reading the book in only one evening. It’s such a pleasure to just look at it! And I love your idea of that fictional environment.
    And wow: great gift there! It’s adorable!

  3. Hey Corban. I’ll be in London for touring Januray 16th thru the 23rd. Still awaiting details. But readers should know that there’s plenty of tour dates in the works for France, Spain, Philippines, etc. Hope to see you!

  4. Hi, Craig. Norby from the Philippines. Just wondering where are you gonna tour here? How long are you gonna stay? Just wondering also if you could drop by other local comic bookstores here also. Thanks again. πŸ™‚

  5. it was great to hear you speak in Milwaukee…I love the intensity of drawings, stories and evidence of interrelatedness of everything in your books (read blankets and habibi)…thanks!

  6. hey craig, when are you coming to the philippines? how long will you be staying? i think a bunch of your fans here would love to take you out to dinner or something. we’re all waiting for your arrival! =)

  7. Checked out Habibi at the library, read it strait through. My neck hurts and my feet are numb.

    Thank you for making this book. Thank you for making this book. Thank you for making this book.

    Also very proud you reside in Portland, I gasped when I finished reading and found out you were in Oregon. How cool. Take care and please keep doing what you do.

  8. Hey Craig,
    I’m glad I found a way to contact you. Have to say I really really love your graphic novels (I’m sure you’ve been hearing this tons of times!) Blankets really moved me, it’s beautiful. It made me look at the world and those around me in a different way.. So when Habibi came out, I was exhilarated! And Craig, you’ve seriously surpassed yourself! Now I just finished Carnet (yes like kind of going backwards) and I’ve got to say, keep being who you are, keep drawing. You have a gift with stories and please never stop sharing it πŸ™‚

    If you’re ever in South East Asia, do drop by Singapore!

  9. Hi Craig,

    I wanted to apologize for being the awkward Reed student at your Portland presentation. I felt like I may have been impolite. What I really would have liked to say is that Blankets was simply amazing. Every page made me think “This is exactly what falling in love for the first time feels like.” Your art is beautiful; the scenery is lovely and the characters show expression well. Your storytelling ability as well… It was a very emotionally intense experience and I loved every second of it. I hope that I’ll be able to return home to Portland soon and have the pleasure of seeing you at Powell’s again.

  10. Thanks for an amazing experience. You kept me up a couple of nights…just couldn’t put it down. Love that this book really wouldn’t have been as deeply meaningful without your thrilling artwork. I felt your love of Arabic script and how it echoes landscape, etc. I’ve read all of your work and am so thrilled with this. Spreading the word on my blog, Facebook and Good Reads.

  11. Hi, I already admired your book in an older comment, however I missed to say something: As a half-arab muslim I not only enjoyed your art and story, but also your way of dealing with Islamic culture. I was very glad to see you showing positive aspects, which many people don’t see, and doing so in a very respectful way. So thanks for that as well ^^

  12. I read your Habibi and man I love it. being a moslem myself, it’s rare to find a close-to-true fiction literature, not to mention in comic/graphic novel. while most people depicts islam wrongly and biased, you obviously did your deep deep research and read quran yourself. There are still things off (in my point of view seeing islam as a moslem) though, but it’s okay. Here my appreciation to you. πŸ™‚

  13. WOW – Finally today my own personal hardcover copy of Habibi arrived here in New Zealand – it’s even MORE impressive than I thought.
    It will sit proudly on my shelf next to Blankets… I have so much respect for all the work you have put into this masterpiece!

  14. I just finished Habibi and am still in a flood of tears.
    I wanted to say THANK YOU for the story and the inspiration and the beauty of the art and…basically, thank you!

    Nomi xx

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