As mentioned, HABIBI events & travel are not entirely concluded, but I’m savoring some weeks at home to delve into fresh projects.
Based on the advice of David B., I’m juggling a few (three) books simultaneously, so that no one becomes intimidating or tedious.

a) AN ALL-AGES BOOK. After completing a serious/adult project, this one is a playground to give back to the child in me
that discovered the medium at an influential age. For the future of comics!

b) A NONFICTION/ESSAY-LIKE BOOK. Let’s say it’s roughly about global trade.

c) AN EROTIC BOOK (not for kids!) Blankets touches on the innocent awakenings of sexuality. Habibi explores sexual trauma.
This one’s to be a book with actual (drawn) sex.

I don’t want to talk ahead of myself or spoil the mystery, but as each book becomes more tangible,
Doot Doot Blog will share some of the process as it did with HABIBI. Thanks for sticking around!

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  1. Dang. This is heavy. Will you be working on these full-time, or are you working other jobs in-between? Is that okay to ask?

    Do you have any publishers lined up already?

    Most of all: they are so intriguing. I’m especially curious about the ‘global trade’ book.

  2. I want to see you do an action sci fi! Those palace guards in Habibi were too awesome not to explore that side of your work.

  3. me parto la caja!!! i just realized: craig you look just like the vocalist of maroon5!!! only you are even hotter hahaha (sorry about that…)

  4. Waaaaah!!! I’m so excited with all this new projects, everyone sounds and looks amazing *___*
    Thanks for share your talent with all of us.

    My best regards from Mexico n____n

    PS: Please come to my country some day, I’ll be waiting for you.

  5. Bonjour !…
    I just wanted to thank you for your work, although you may have received many various congratulations and I know my poor note will seem dull while what I would like to express is so vivid. I am French, so I must also apologize for my bad english. I’ve only read Blankets yet, but I look forward to reading Habibi (my gift for Christmas ?), after the deep impression Blankets left me. I tried not to read it too quickly, to savor every detail, I read it again when I moved to Canada two years ago and found it at the library, on a snowy night, just like the one you’ve illustrated. I don’t really know how I could exactly describe what I want but I am not going to say I am a huge fan, who only enjoyed the love story. Your book showed that beautiful naivety we often lose while aging, that quiet and brilliant religious facet, and even if I am an atheist I enjoyed every moment, how the Bible was called to support lightly the days moving on in the book, or the flashbacks, blowing away the day-to-day existence. I could express myself so much better in French ! (I’m trying…) Oh, and about the background of this website. I noticed how much you were using that small delicate drawing and today, while working (I am eighteen and prepare an important examination to study medicine in France…) I started drawing it too, to free my mind a little from biophysics. Anyway, I might be writing too much and getting boring.
    All my best wishes, form the other side of the ocean.

  6. Really exciting! It’s so great that you’re sharing this with us at such an early stage of the processes! They all look awesome, and each looks like it’ll be a mental refresher of the last!

  7. Bismillah

    i need to discuss with you Craig regarding the squares/tawiz in habibi.
    intrigued by the abundant use of sacred geometry .. plz write to me .
    thanks..great work habibi!

  8. I just received a Gosh London event invite for your signing in January, I was so happy! Because it is right near where I work.

    But then I saw the exact date and I got really sad, because 2 days before I will be flying to India. So I can’t attend the signing! ๐Ÿ™

    I do hope you will come to The Netherlands (and not just Belgium!) as well, then I will try my best to attend of course ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Excellent work on Habibi. I haven’t read it through yet, but spent several hours looking at in the library (in Homer, Alaska, where librarians have good taste). Having read Carnet de Voyage years before, it was very interesting to see how what you saw there was digested and expanded into Habibi. So many of the images and concepts in the book reminded me of things I have seen in West Africa (pollution, desertification, overcrowding, human ingenuity and endurance). I couldn’t help including the book in a mural I painted recently in Freetown, Sierra Leone; it is depicted on a shelf alongside The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith and Collapse by Jared Diamond (more good books). I look forward to your global trade book especially; the continuous web of human interactions that encircle the earth is something that we should all try to understand better. “The distribution of knowledge is the key contemporary task” -Antanus Mockus, former mayor of Bogota, Colombia

  10. I’ve been thinking this for a few months, but only posting it now (having given up on finding an email address for you): The additions of projects 2 and 3 were pretty interesting for me to read about after having just finished Habibi over winter break. Project 2 because while reading Habibi, I found myself thinking about how well it conveyed “non-fiction” information; and thinking about that reminded me of a comment Paul Pope made years and years ago in the THB letters column about his desire to do some nonfictional information-oriented comics, and based on Habibi, I thought if you were to do comics like that as well, that would be great. And #3 because with Habibi I once again felt that you did a great job with erotic content in a loving context (as opposed to power-oriented, which is how I interpret most erotic content), and how much it reminded me of the feel of Dylan Horrocks’ “dirty comics”, making me wonder what your equivalent would end up looking like. In both cases, I’m excited that we might get to find out (and I already mentioned my excitement about project 1 on your signing tour). More power to you with all three!

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  12. I’ve read Habibi and Blankets months ago .I feel so connected with its stories and i’m now collecting your other materials .No other books or any form of arts that has ever touched me this deep.Love from Malaysia.

  13. I loved your presentations at the Festival of Faith and Writing. I can’t wait until all these “holds” come out. Thank you for doing what you do ๐Ÿ™‚

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