wassail away!

Seasons greetin’s, Blog Friends, and thanks for dropping by the Dootdootgarden throughout 2011.
Many, many thanks for supporting HABIBI’s release and gifting copies to new readers.

Pictured above are the stars of the upcoming “all-ages comic” – Elliot Chicken, Violet, and Zacchaeus.

This backdrop, however, has nothing to do with the narrative – merely a mix of nostalgia for those Wisconsin snowscapes
and a little nod to the holiday spirit. Stay warm and cozy and jolly!


20 thoughts on “wassail away!

  1. Hi Craig

    May I wish you and your friends and family a very merry christmas. Looking forward to meeting you in London!

    Seasons Greetings from belgium

  2. Love these characters! I recognize Elliot Chicken from an earlier post about an unfinished story, and Zacchaeus is the guy from Carnet, right?

  3. Bwa ha ha! That “Rebirth” picture with Zacchaeus is hilarious! I don’t know how I missed your original post on Elliot Chicken, but I’m glad you linked to it. He’s just the kind of troubled chicken I could befriend 😛

    Is the “all-ages” comic going to be a collection of shorts, or does the story involve all three characters?

    In any case, it’s great seeing some cartoon characters making their way back to your blog.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas,

  4. Hi Craig!

    I wished Habibi as a Christmas Present and I am now following the heroine’s journey. Too bad your Eurotour has not included the Scandies (Nordic countries) but is there a way to get in touch with you for an interview on my podcast?

    Thank you for the gift of your fantasy and for bringing this book to life!

    Best wishes from Sweden,

    Irina Mooi Almgren

  5. Hello,

    I had a couple awesome Chunky Rice & Blankets desktop wallpapers several years ago, but lost them and have scoured Google with no luck! Where/how can I get these?


  6. Happy new year! Mine is going to start filled with readings.. while I wait for your 3 projects I’ll read your other books!

    read Blankets brazilian portuguese translated and loved..it is in fact, as you said, a story in which pretty much nothing happens but you were able to make it amazingly interisting!

    So I ordered all of your books in english but just heard that Habibi may be coming soon in portuguese..

    congrats and thanks for your work
    Good luck!

  7. Hi, Craig, here’s Bira the brazilian cartoonist that interviewed you in 2009, at FIQ (Brazilian International Comics Festival, in Belo Horizonte)!
    How are you?
    Man, it was so nice to meet you. My wife and daughter were in Belo Horizonte before you arrive. My daughter (she was 9 years old then) have read Blankets before going to Belo Horizonte and she was very disappointed when I told her you would arrive after her trip back home, She cried. My heart was broken and I was impressed about how your Comics could be so special for a child, as for an adult (even from a so distant country as Brazil).
    When we met in backstage, you asked me if I would be your interviewer and I said “no”. I intended to mean that I would not be the only one, your translator into portuguese would be the second, but he declined.
    Well, interview you was a so great pleasure (but until today I am not able to remember the french cartoonists you told have influenced you.
    I’ve written an article about FIQ and your presence. Sorry it´s in portuguese…
    I’d like to say that the people loved your talking and your art!
    Best regards from Brazil
    P.S. When I came back to Campinas city, I could see my daughter eyes shining when she saw your Blanket signing and drawing for her.
    Thanks forever.
    I’ve posted some pics and an article (with more 2 articles about you in Brazil) http://chargesbira.blogspot.com/

  8. Dear Craig Thompson, Gave myself Habibi for Christmas. Truly awesome. And because I live on the tip of Andalucia and have spent a good deal of time in Morocco Habibi found inspirational. Have just ordered Blankets. Can’t wait – and for the rest. Felicidades, Shokran.

  9. Estaba realmente preocupado porque no encontraba tu blog. Ahora me da muchísimo gusto encontrar tu pagina.
    Saludos y un gran abrazo, me gusta mucho tu trabajo.

  10. Hi Craigh
    I just want to tell you that you are long not lost to God as you thing you are.
    he is patient and mercyful.

    I also love comics and I am also christian – I have also left church once upon a time to go and find the real me – comics – it was the comic edition of new testament bought me to the church – I left and another comics Osamu Tezuka Buddha brought me after 17,5 years back – how is possible that Buddha comics can bring somebody back to Jesus – I do not know But I know it eventually did.

  11. I read your interviuw ” devil made me draw” I do not belive devil made you draw – I belive that you wanted to discover yourself – you have show us all that in the comics blanketss – there is a funny thing about your comics – I first saw it somebody was reading it the lobby of central station in Amsterdam – I culd not wait and I ask the person ( a guy ) to show me what was reading – because I saw it was a grafical novel and I love those – very next thing that have happened was that I foud your novel on the shelf of our public libroary – I got it and read it within 2-3 hours it was great.

  12. I understand that somebodywith such talent is just too big for a liitle town and his 12.00 inhabitants – but you have your freedom you have red all the books that you wish – you have seen all the movies that you wish you have seen the world – you have great job meeting interresting people …… now what vanity oh vanity it all vanity – YOU CAN STILL DO A GREAT THINGS FOR JESUS – there is somuch to draw from the bible – Ask him and he will give you answer – belive me Jesus is patient he waited for me 17,5 years – time is nothing for him – but we .. do we know when we are going to die? do we know howmany years we did get???

  13. I want you to see Amsterdam have you ever been to Amsterdam?
    you come and I will show you around and tell you my story from rags to riches and back 🙂
    God bless you and protect you whenever you go

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