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Home safe & sound, and desperate to take a break from travel for a while. My new babies are being neglected!

Next weekend is an easy jaunt to the Cannon Beach Book Company on the Oregon coast to give a talk and accept the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association award. Saturday, February 11th, 2pm — actually held at the library across the street from the store. I chose the location, because CBBC is an impressive book shop that’s a comfort to peruse on a rainy day at the coast, but also because Cannon Beach is a spiritual sanctuary where I’ve been nourished by the ocean in the company of friends, sea lions, probably some sharks, and occasionally sun.  This painting by my dear buddy Dan Attoe perfectly captures the magic of our cozy surf cove.

Here’s another glimpse of that beach from the earliest days of this blog, five years ago. Still a good mantra: “Goonies never say die.”

6 thoughts on “new wave

  1. Hey Craig,
    I know I’ve asked before, but I was wondering if you received a letter in comics that I sent to you around September c/o Top Shelf?

  2. Hi Craig
    You must be worn out. I couldn’t see you in London, but have received my signed copy of Habibi. WOW! What can I say? I have scoured the net to see if anyone has done annotations in the way they do for Alan Moore, but I suspect we haven’t a hope of that happening…unless you wanted to!
    Having an evangelical Christian background I could see how you pointed out the roots are the same for Islam and Christianity, the tenderness of the love between the two protagonists is handled beautifully and I felt like a reviewer I saw that I’m holding a jewellery box of delight. My frustration with it is that it jumps around a lot and because some of the concepts are so alien to me as a UK resident, I feel I need explanations to do you justice in my understanding

    However, I really enjoyed it as a story and love your handling of human beings. Keep going please and have a good rest!

  3. Hi Craig!

    My name is Cassie. I own a boutique on Hawthorne/33rd for PDX designers called Mag-Big. Alongside Mag-Big is a cafe and bar called the Hazel Room, owned by two of my best friends. I just wanted to let you know that our entire building loves you so much. We may be the geekiest, comic book nerds around, and I just wanted to personally let you know how proud we are of you. “Habibi” is a masterpiece.

    -Cassie Ridgway

  4. It was great meeting you in Grand Rapids a few weeks ago. I loved the wave drawings in this post. Funny thing, you mentioned Nelscott Reef, which to my shame I hadn’t hear of, but now am seeing references to it all over. Is this film by one of your friends: “The Find: Claiming Nescott Reef”? If I am in the Oregon area we are going to surf together! Cheers! Dale Williams

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