onde nouveaux deux

Continuing on the themes of last week’s post, you’ll find a link to my acceptance essay for the PNBA award which explains the Hokusai
wave graphic. Here’s a shot of the award, and the man who presented it — noteworthy fantasy author & gentleman Terry Brooks.

On a Valentine’s note, OPRAH named BLANKETS one of the greatest love stories of all time. (?!?) (Bless her soul!)
And Aussie buddie Pat Grant released a new book named BLUE that I’m quite fond of.

Also, overlooked in that last post was a recap of London and Angoulême tour. London, as you know, is a charming city full
of deliciously polite folks. As for Angoulême, Drawn & Quarterly and Sarah Glidden do a great job of summarizing the festival.
Here’s myself with two of my favorite French cartoonists – Dupuy & Berberian!

8 thoughts on “onde nouveaux deux

  1. Oprah’s Top 8 Love Stories? You hanging out with Dupuy and Berberian? Terry Brooks? The PNBA award? Is there anything you can’t do?!

    Nice job, man. I hope you’re getting plenty done with the new projects.

  2. Craig, today I turned the last page of Habibi. I am still impressed, overwhelmed by your talent. Thank you. Regarding Oprah’s comment I always explain to my friends that Blankets is priceless, how much money is anyone ready to pay to be able to feel again what it is like to be in love when you are 18? Thanks for sharing your talent and for drawing my city, Barcelona.

  3. Do you question whether Blankets is a great Love story? Charlie Kaufman also dislikes when “Eternal Sunshine” is called a great love story because of how dysfunctional their love was.

    A love story can be great, and not contain great love. Blankets is among the greatest love stories, because more than most stories, it is a pure mirror that everyone can look into and see themselves and their first connections. It captures the truth, rather than the ideal, which is more valuable

  4. Just finished reading Blankets. It was recommended to me by a friend and fellow former Christian; it was my first graphical novel.

    I am stunned by how perfectly you captured the emotional maelstrom of adolescence and the visceral conflict religion inflicts upon some of us.

    Thank you for writing it.

  5. Dear Craig,

    Hello! I was at Angoueleme in Janurary with the SCAD American sequential art students. I saw your speech but I was too shy to talk to you afterwards. I just wanted to say that I really adored you and Khalil’s lecture, especially your thoughts on how art is like music and I hope that I will see you speak again sometime in America! Maybe then I won’t be so shy and I’ll ask you questions in person! 🙂

    Habibi is the most gorgeously drafted comic I have ever seen, and Blankets is what made me start inking with a brush and now it’s my favorite tool to work with… it’s also a very personal book and I read it when I was the same age as the main character. It was empathetically healing for me then. I loved Chunky Rice and your Nickelodeon projects as well and after visiting France I can really appreciate Carnet de Voyage. I can’t wait to read your upcoming projects and your blog is amazing as both a fan and a student. Thank you so much!



  6. Mr Thompson:

    I happened to stumble upon your book “Blankets” because I live in Texas and one of my friends from my native country, Mexico, had it ordered to my apartment.

    I have to say that it was merely coincidence but after reading just a couple dozen pages I already love your style and will not read it until I’ve bought a copy for myself. But I already noticed that you wrote about Marathon High school. At first I didn’t believe it, I never expected to find anything about it anywhere outside of “the raider review”, the school’s newspaper.

    I was a foreign exchange student that attended Marathon high school about 3 years ago. I wanted to post about it because it feels like I can connect with the characters better now. I hope I will enjoy the rest of the book as much as I enjoyed the first pages. Thank you so much for that!


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